Wednesday, August 9, 2017

And I have started a VLOG!

I wasn’t really quite sure about this since yes, I am still finding ways to release my shyness! Well talking in a laptop alone seems a bit weird for me but I did!
On my very first vlog, I have shared one of the things  I used to do during some free time which is journaling! It’s not that much! But I hope you guys like it!

The spicy noodle challenge!

My brothers and I had this idea of doing a spicy noodle challenge since everyone was like doing it. Getting in with the hype! I bought this bibimen noodle that says SPICY and challenged each other for this fun part!

Unfortunately, we didn’t feel much spiciness, as soon as we ate the noodles. It was like, it’s spicy but I guess it was not. Our expressions had failed us! It’s funny how our spicy noodle challenge failed. HAHAHAHAHA maybe because we eat dynamite our tongues were already used to spicy taste!
I will be posting soon this challenge on my Youtube account so for furthere notice!

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