Friday, June 23, 2017

Watched WonderWoman!

Watched Wonder Woman and all was left in me was awe! After years of not watching a movie on cinemas, my heart was left pounding. Not to mention the moment when you want to exclaimed “Ang saya maging babae” well this notion of me exclaiming words such as this inspired me to positively believe in what I believe, to look on a positive outlook in life even if others wouldn’t dare to jive in with and so and so forth! 

The same way as Wonder Woman would entail in viewers like me. There’s one line she said (SPOILER) not basically the exact words but as far as I remember “Who will I be if I stay?” the moment when she was leaving their island to search for Eros and go with Steve Trevor. My best friend and I started smirking at each other because those words are somehow a wakeup call to us to explore, take risks, dive in, and move forward towards that one belief you had ( I want to be someone). Even if Diana was warned by her mother to not go, she was stubborn enough to seek for that calling in her heart and help the humans.

The movie also shows how women could be as compassionate as ever even on times of war and depression. She see’s all the best way she could do to help, (SPOILER) and even if Captain Steve tells her that there’s nothing they could do to save others because it’s already been happening in years, she stands on her will and save as many people as possible (not to mention her super strength and bravery!).

Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman is literally like she is WONDER WOMAN! All hats to her! She is not just incredibly stunning, her height was pretty much a dream for girls like me, she became a hero to everyone who watched her (not to mention she’s really a hero since she had worked in the military). The chemistry!! Her chemistry with Chris Pine is oozing! It’s like hearts everywhere, even by just looking at one another it’s all sparks fly!

Before I end this blog of mine, this movie also tells us, that we, as humans are created with knowledge of knowing what is right and what is wrong and the god of war, Eros just whisper things on us and it’s just up to us to follow what we think is right and what we think is wrong. We humans create the world we live in, we humans made this war, we were trapped in jealousy, weakness, self-doubts and notion of supremacy! We somehow forgotten the heart of compassion, the heart of strong-willed, humbleness, kindness, and forgiveness, because of this things, it became a crucial way of destroying one another. War is not just about guns, but on how we scrutinize others with words (words that act like swords that pierce each other’s heart). Just like Diana Prince’s last words from the movie I learnt that inside every one of them there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves - something no hero will ever defeat.”

I really hope that the world we live in today would be a better place for our children’s children. The same as what Captain Steve said “I believe that this war should end”. So that the world we live in today would be a world that is peaceful and full of harmony, we might have different opinions in life, but after every argument we must learn to forgive. Just like what Wonder Woman said, that only love can truly save the world. J

And it's Woman Power after all! :)

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