Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kdrama Feels: Kdrama Fan Item Starter Pack

If you’re a Kdrama fan like me, I guess you’ll recognize this same thing that I do. On today’s blog, I will be talking about the things that always exist in a Kdrama the so-called it’s a “thing in kdramas”. It’s like the must haves in order to meet your oppa or noona! :D

Here's the Top Kdrama Items I used to see in a kdrama. 

The famous Yellow Umbrella

I have noticed this yellow umbrella ever since I have watched Love Rain; this three second love story focuses on its yellow umbrella as a symbol of love, because it is where everything started. I also noticed this yellow umbrella in Korean Drama Missing you, where the younger versions of our heroine stayed at the playground and watched the rain.

Missing You

Tomorrow With You 

Splash Splash Love

The Red Scarf Connection

The red scarf of love; it’s actually also noticeable in a lot of Kdrama’s such as Goblin, Missing You, Uncontrollably fond and more), whether it’s for fashion a visual connection of love, or just a plain scarf. I also remember how this scarf was visible in anime’s too, like Hinata made Naruto a red scarf, or Misaki made a red scarf for Takumi :D

Uncontrollably fond


and there's me channeling my red scarf connection

The mysterious Black Cap
If you’re witnessing a black cap on a drama, it may be a super action packed series filled with notorious villains sprouting everywhere. This item is surely a hello to you! Whether our protagonist is a secret agent, a hidden hero, a person framed up with crime he didn’t do, or a top down fashion of our Ahjussi’s and Oppa’s in black.

W:Two Worlds

Descendant's of the Sun

City Hunter

The lovable Plushie

Who wouldn’t miss this cutie? This item is one of the significant “bida” in a series, there’s always a certain plushie to like a certain kdrama. Even if some plushie’s were not as visible as the others, there’s always a plushie to say hello! Or something we could say “Oh nakita ko to sa DOTS, o kaya gusto ko ng Buckwheat sa Goblin!”!
Oh my Venus

He's Beautiful

Princess Hours

Legend of the Blue Sea


The promise jewelries

Of course when there is lovers for sure there are jewelries! The so called true symbol of  love; “Wagas na pag-ibig!” at every end of a drama or in the middle of the drama, our protagonist would declare their love for one another via jewelry, it may be a ring, or a necklace or a bracelet. A very notable item when professing your one great love to your one true love :D
Love In the Moonlight 


One More Happy Ending



The unnoticeable white bag

Okay, this item seems to be new in the Kdrama world, and I have only noticed this one on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. And then when I have watched other drama’s such as Its Okay it’s love, She Was Pretty, Suspicious Partner and recently starting Fight My way, we can see this white bag on our leading ladies shoulder. Well it’s not as visible as the other items but it’s there and sometimes it comes with design! :D
Fight My Way

She Was Pretty

It's Okay It's Love!

The Strong Pink Hoodie
Another new thing in Kdrama and I am loving it! Pink Hoodies! Despite of its feminine and soft color, this Pink Hoodies are making it's trend as it portray strong women of this generation! Exhibit A: Do Bong Soon! But this hoodies aren't just starting to make a sound in Kdrama but the PINK generation lovers are loving it! :) LIKE ME! And do you know that Secret Garden's Hajiwon showed it's strong pink appearance in Secret Garden? :D

Secret Gardem

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Fight My Way

Scarlet Ryeo :D 

All this item could be visible in every kdrama (it vary's in colors and sizes too). And it doesn't just add up some spice in a drama but it also indulge the viewers to have one too. A friendly reminder Just make "Hinay-hinay" (take it slow) on buying, too much buying is bad too! hihihihi :D 

here's my mini Kdrama Fan Starter!
Red Scarf, Knitted it myself
A Mr. Buckwheat Doll that Mom had purchased for me!
A White bag I that I sew with my hands
and My high school hoodie that was given to me :) 

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