Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kdrama Feels:Finding Oppa :)

Forgive me for all my Kdrama feels. I have always been so shy about my love for Kdrama's and this is the only time I have fully accepted that I am incredibly attached to it :) (huwwwwwaaaT) Anyways, just like my past blogs, finding Korean related (kpop/kdrama) stuffs is hard here in the Philippines. You really need to travel just to search for the different Korean stores that are newly opened here in the Philippines. So with every chance of actually seeing this things, I always took the courage to ask my mom/mybrother's some photos(and even if others laugh at my quirks carebells langs kahit slightly nakakahiya para naman kay oppa at feels) 

Yes, and it's all about finding oppa! :) Since seeing them in person is still a part of my dreams and is still out of my wallet's reach, here I am enjoying their standees with smiles all over my face :) well finding Oppa's standees is super fun especially when your totally enjoying it!!:D 
This blog is an accumulation of all the standees I have seen since 2014 :) (dedicated to my best friend who introduce me into this world of kpop and kdramas and hello to my childhood friend in Australia whose kdrama feels is the same as mine! And to my best, whose currently being hypnotized by KDRAMA)

it all started here :D Nichkhun from 2PM :D
My best friend and I liked him for being a Pro in badminton and little did I know, he was a KPOP idol! And my best friend lure me into falling for this hahahah

<3 <3 <3 <3

Because Do Min Joon Shi :D
 So many Do Min Joon, so little time! I was so hooked with Do Min Joon, I mean Kim So Hyun during Dream High days but was super shy to blurt it out, but ever since he came back as an Alien and melt every girls heart, I couldn't help myself but to take every snapshot at every standee or huge picture of him! :) 
<3 <3 <3 <3

The Oppa of all my unnies! :) I still feel "Kilig all over" whenever I see this photo of my mine (hahaha kala mo real life Lee Min Ho ung nakita) Saw him for real "pero he was out of my reach". But he's still the one and only GOO JUN PYO who made every girl wish they were Geum Jan Di! :) 

<3 <3 <3 <3 

And so the journey continues :D
Yonghwa at Korean Cultural Center :D 

Oh Namsooonniiee :D


Taecyeon Oppa! :)

Luhan Oppa

Super Junior M :) hihihi 

Wait there's more :D
Hello Crown Prince at ABS-CBN:D 
will visit the Goblin and Grim Reaper soooon hahaha :D

:) Since hanggang panaginip palang sila, at kahit hindi ko pa sila makita for real, at least kahit papano ang mga standees nila ang nagpapangiti sa akin :D Forgive me and my feels! :) 

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