Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Kdrama feels feature :D

Last April, I was inspired by Ate Ana Gonzales with her polaroid photo series when she visited Korea :) South Korea is a dream. Dreaming of visiting the home of where my dreams began. It's one of the dreams that me and my best friend would love to achieve someday.

But since I am still here in the Philippines, and my dreams of flying to Korea is still on the process, I have enjoyed the different spots here in the Philippines that I could relive my Kdrama fantasy sequence. AND I DID!

Who would thought after posting my very own blog, I was recognized by one of my favorite magazines ever since I was young and Whalllllaaaa I got a mini heart attack when Ms. Ayessa asked me for a short interview!'s the full feature (

After that, out of amusement I made my second version of my Pinay Travels and little did I know, I'll get a second take in Candy Mag Feature! (THANK YOU AGAIN MS.AYESSA!)

Then my best friend also found out that my second Candy Magazine Article was featured on FEMALE NETWORK :) (

Last but definitely not the least, this made me do the cartwheel in my head! And my heart was beating so fast I couldn't explain how i really felt! I was super dooper kilig! May 26, I was featured in KOREABOOOOO! Who would believe that i could get that chance to be featured!

This is such a dream come true for me. Who would thought that with my own little way of experiencing my Kdrama dream, people would notice it! Dreams do happen! If you believe in yourself, you can do it!

standing with every Filipina who has a dream like me, we can do it! Never lose hope! :) This may be nothing for others but it's something big for me! THANK YOU! :) 

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