Friday, June 9, 2017

Kdrama Feels: Fashion Inspired 2

Define too much Kdrama! :))) and because of this it's affecting the way I dress up! Special thanks to my mom's old clothes and some hand me down clothes from my aunts and cousins. As we all know, fashion pieces such as our clothes are now creating an environmental crisis nowadays. Due to fast fashion, sometimes, we don't know where we could put our excess clothes sometimes our old clothes ends up online or to given to your little cousins or others on trash bin (yes, others throw them and because of that it causes pollution).

So to avoid causing this changes to our environment, I have made this mix and match fashion pieces from the past (my mom's old clothes) and some of my wardrobe to create this fashion peg like our favorite Kdrama actress/actors. We don't need to buy new clothes to create our kdrama feels but we can actually find clothes that looks like the clothes our Kdrama heroines wear.

Say hello to Kdrama Feels Fashion Peg part 2 :) I am still not good at fashion styling but maybe I could help input some fashion tips on your next OOTD :) excuse me and my GIF's hihihihih

She Was Pretty 
Top - Blue Stripes Shirt 
Pants - Printed Jeans
Shoes -Brown Man Made Leather Shoes
Bag -Handmade Bag by yours truly 
Kim Hye Jin's fashion style is a bit boyish when the drama had started. Since her character doesn't know much about fashion seems to be like a high school student who just wear whatever she wants and that's it. SO MUCH LIKE ME during the days!! (instead of long sleeves I used my favorite stripe shirt to match Hwang Jung Eum's stripes in She was Pretty, perfect for a tropical weathered country like the Philippines)
hihihihihihi :D
Descendants of the Sun 
Top - Long Blue Striped Polo 
Skirt - Black skirt (Forever 21) or Navy Blue :D
Shoes - Beaded designed shoe

Kang Mo Yeon's Style is definitely one way to achieve professional type of look yet feminine. She dressed with a tucked in stripped top and an A-line type of skirt that simply emphasize or elongates her legs, at the same time it also shows her petite figure and define's her waist. To achieve that Kag Mo Yeon Look I used my mom's old top, partnered it with my Forever 21 black mini skirt, that I bought for only 99php way back :D For my shoes, it's one of my old high school shoes that was given to me by my aunt in Saudi Arabia :D

Kang Mo Yeon Nine :D

Another Descendants of the Sun Peg
Top - Light Blue Jeans Jacket (for Men)
- Flower Laced undersleeves
Shorts - White Shorts (Natasha) 
Shoes - White Sneakers (Payless)
Bag - dark blue beach bag

To achieve another look from Kang Mo Yeon(her arrival in Uruk) used jean type of blazer that seems to look like her blazer which is a bit of light blue that looks like it's blended with gray, and then matched it with my white shorts and shoes. 
You are my everything! :D

Cheese in the Trap
Top - White Polo
Shoes - White Sneakers
Bag - Black Leather Bag :)

Hong  Seol's fashion style is definitely the clothes you want to wear to school not to mention it's comfy get up. Hong Seol wears over sized cardigans and clothes that can simply make relax without feeling a little bit cautious about what you wear. Just like jumpers, it's not on how you wear it but on how confident you can pull it off!  It's not exactly as Hong Seol's jumper but it's color and because it's a jumper, I have used it to pair with my Mom's old bag and white polo and sneakers. 

Hong Seol meets Bong Seol!!

Sweater - Pink Hoodie XOXO
Jeans - repaired Mom's jeans 
Socks - Iconic Socks
Shoes - Navy Blue Sneakers(Collie)/Green 
Bag - White Handmade Bag

 Bok Joo's fashion sense is always seen in a hoodie or in a layered vest, and sometimes, her outfits define her every mood. Whether she's heart broken, athletic, or happy, her style progressed from dark colors to a feminine get up and shades such as pink, peach or nude. Bok Joo's fashion sense can also be described as comfy! :) Basically it's not the same as Bok Joo's but because it's Pink and a Hoodie why not? 

Okay let's elongate! hahah

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 
Blazer - From MINT
Top - Yellow Polo
Shorts - Gray/Jean type of Shorts
Bag - Brown Leather Bag (Small) 

Do Bong Soon's fashion style is simply about classic type pieces from blazer from boring type to unboring. Since Do Bong Soon depict's a strong character, her classic wardrobe made it possible to show her super STRONG feminine side yet retaining her sweet child-like image, from ruffles to dark pretty colors. Good thing about her wardrobe is that it's not to flashy, it actually makes balance (from super stripes top toned down to plain skirts or pants or vice versa). To achieve my strong woman get up, used my black blue blazer toning it with a yellow buttoned top to my gray shorts. I basically themed up my clothes in this tropical weather, cause you'll never know when it's going to rain or when the sun would hit you up!
Strong Woman Editor! :)

Fight for My Way
Top- Pink embroidered Kawaii polo
Shirt - from Boracay :)
Since Fight for my Way is still on it's 6th episode, the growth of Choi Aera's fashion style is still on-going(hihihihi). The change of colors and style is simply make her beauty radiates. Choi Aera is simply a woman that definitely tells you she's very pretty without uttering a word and her clothing style simply tells you so. To achieve the Choi Aera's style (used Fight my Way teaser) used my mom's old pink top, partnered it with my T-shirt from Boracay and my curly bangs!
major short down! :) Yes... because I'm not that tall :DDDDDD

One thing I learned from fashion is that you don't really need expensive clothes to shout out your fashion sense. All you need is the confidence to wear it all out and show what your true colors are! :) Sometimes, buying things in a much pricey stuffs isn't that bad, we also want it sometimes! :) hihihihi <3 

"Make your Everyday your Runway!"
So what's your kdrama outfit story? :D


  1. great mix n match! My favorit is the second look from DOTS. I am currently finish watching Fight For My Way & fell in love with Choi Ae Ra's style.

    1. Thank you Diah for appreciating my mixes!! <3 Enjoy watching Fight for my way! It can give you a lot of positive vibes! <3 Kamsamnida! :D

  2. Excellent article. Very interesting to read. I really love to read such a nice article. Thanks! keep rocking.

    1. thank you for appreciating my post Aitzaz! <3 <3 Same to you! Keep Rocking! :)