Thursday, July 6, 2017

Anime-ate your World!

Relive the fantasy. Relive the ANIMATION! Re-imagine. Just like in the past, my imagination seems to be a little bit out of control. I guess fairy's, dragons, talking animals, knight and the shinning armor would be pleased if I had great stories for them to hear about my dream destination/adventure. JAPAN! Can't wait to meet you! And it makes my heart jump with glee when I have read a news about Studio Ghibli "THEME PARK"! Not just that there are also cafe's here in the Philippines that are offering Japanese Anime Vibes such as Prizone Cafe in Malate (calling all ONE PIECE fans) and the Red Monster Cafe Shop in Maginhawa. It would be totally fun, to actually see your faves for real! :) I would love to see Totoro and hug him! hihihi

Another favorite of mine is ANIME! Japanese anime made me want to be a cartoonist when I was young! After being hooked with Sailormoon, Pokemon, Digimon, Naruto and Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, my anime fan girling goes hardcore! Not to mention the different Studio Ghibli movies I have watched (in Japanese and English Dub hahah define hardcore!)
this kinda enhance my Anime-Edit Skills hahahaha

After indulging myself into reliving my favorites here in the Philippines (Kdrama Feels), since my second dream destination is still on the works here’s my take on my favorite Japanese Series and Movies! (insert song: the guts to never give up/Naruto) and if that moment would come for real, this would be something I would look back, that once upon a time, I was still dreaming about it, and here I am now! Hihihi… 

1. PONYO's Ramen - Well it's not exactly the Ponyo's Ramen but Chowking's Wanton Soup, but if you really want to have the taste of Ponyo's ramen or recreate the ramen you can watch the video here

(I was super hungry I just okay snap shot!) 

2. Grave of Fireflies Candy - You can see/buy this at any Daiso Shop here in the Philippines. Upon seeing this, my heart had melted like ice-cream, I could possibly still feel the sadness that had struck me while watching this movie.

3. Only Yesterday - FARMING scene - Since my family lived in the Province, I took a snap shot of what is it like living there. Here in the Philippines, I commonly hear my uncles and aunts used to say whenever they feel like they need some fresh air away from their busy jobs, they would tell us "Parang gusto kong manirahan ng payak na pamumuhay". Living in the province makes life simpler, enjoying nature, enjoying your harvests and all :)

3. The Cat Returns - Oh hello there Mr. Baron! - Well, I wanted to name our cat Baron because of it's color and lately I just realize that it's not applicable for her. HAHAHA because when I came back from the city she has a lot of Kutings. From Baron to Muning :D 

She's camera shy! :)

4. The Tale of Princess Kaguya - Another pic from the cherry blossoms, hahaha I mean Bougainvillea :) Hello Princess! :) Bougainvillea is very pretty on summer! But since the Philippines is entering it's rainy season, the petals are now saying good bye to the good old summer! :) 

5.       Takoyaki in Sailormoon – Usagi has the biggest appetite among the 5 sailor scouts, seeing her eating this dish made me feel as if I am connected with her since I love takoyaki! Hahaha not to mention Mamarou at the back holding too many finish box of takoyaki

6.       The eat all you can feels like No face – took this photo during our family dinner/reunion in an eat all you can restaurant. That happiest feeling when all the food you like is being serve in the table and the buffet is over powering. I would re-enact that scene where he shouted “I want to eat everything!”

7.       The Mcdonalds Anime – all feels! I really love how Mcdonalds Japan introduces this cute commercial, it was a sensation in all social media accounts. It made me remember that very first moment when I got my happy meal! It’s like childhood/adulthood!

8. Family Mart - one of my other favorite anime series, this scene is where Ryu was walking Nagato to her home, it was the time when Nagato had change the time space continuum, and they needed to get back from the time it was before. 

Are there any Anime Moments you can find here in the Philippines? You guys can comment on the Link Below and lets see if we can find more! It's fun enjoying this little moments here in the Philippines :) Hihihih 

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