Monday, June 30, 2014

Hand Made Adventure Time Cell Phone Case :)

THE Princess Bubblegum edition :)

Howdy friends, another quick DIY for all of you :) Adventure Time Princes Bubblegum, since she's my favorite, she's the very first cell phone case I made :)

What you'll need is:
1. Felt Paper
2. Sewing materials
3. Paper for tracing :D
First, Tracing :) trace the size of your cell phone and make sure to make an allowance on the sides for your borders and then trace your Pb's head and PB's crown :) What I did was I draw a Crown Shape and Head shape on a paper and trace it on the felt paper, so that it will be a little bit easy for me to cut. Again give allowances on the sides of your shapes :)

Placed the cut material on the middle of the "Cellphone Shaped Cut". For sewing, I used a dark pink colored thread so that PB's head will stand out on the cellphone case. I don't know what's the term of sewing this is but this is how I do it :) 

This is how it looks like :D

Remember I told you to put an allowance on the sides, because you're going to repeat the sewing process we did on PB's head on the sides of the Cellphone case like this :)

Tananananana! :) Our Cellphone case is done :)

Here are some Adventure Time Cellphone cases I made :) It took me 1/2 half hour making one cell phone case. I hope you guys enjoy reading my quick DIY blog. You can also share to me the cellphone cases that you made or any DIY that I have mader or that you wanted to share so that I can share/post it on my blog too. Until our next DIY! Thank you guys! Have a wonderful day! 

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