Thursday, June 12, 2014

Meeting Darth Vader Part 2

“Thank you for applying in Meddleson Company, you gave me a really good impression that I couldn’t stand to accept you! You may start tomorrow!” Those words. I can’t believe I can finally hear it. Can you imagine that! I have been job hunting for the past 2 years and this is it! I finally made it! My efforts that day was all paid off! “Welcome to our company Henry!”
I immediately shook my new employers hand and thanked him “Sir I won’t disappoint you! See you tomorrow!” I immediately call my mother and told her I got the job. She is twice happier than I do and I can hear it in her voice. She told me to come quickly so that she could make me her favorite pot stew. I couldn’t believe what just happen, I was so happy that I almost forgot to return the coat I borrowed from my neighbor.

On my way home, I saw Anakin riding her bike as her pedals suddenly lose control. Sigh! Really, of all the places why see her. I followed her thinking if she’s alright but as soon as I got there her legs where covered with mud and her bicycle chains was broken. “And this is what’s going to happen in our relationship huh Penny. Just tell me if you want to call it quits, I could give you to my cousin who’s wanting you. But please don’t give up on me. I have more cookies to sell for the both of us. If I earn I promise you I’ll make you all clean and pink all over again.” She hugged her bike as if it’s a human being.

“Now talking to a bike” I laughed
“Henry!” she smiled with glee. “Let me help you” I took her chains, help her and teach her how to put it back. “Wow! You’re a superman Henry!”
“I just fixed your bike and it doesn’t make me a hero”
“Hmmm you’re right! You’re not as hot as Henry Cavill!” I gave her a mean look “At least you’re a charmer! But honestly speaking yes you are, you helped someone in need then you are a hero. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a super costume or what as long as you made someone like me smile!”
“You’re silly! How many childish books have you even read when you we’re a child” and she started counting. “I think a hundred? Or more? I have been reading since I was 5! And the endings are not the best parts somehow. Because they love to ruin the moment! I just love fairytale ending even if it doesn’t happen in real life. They made my heart flustered I want to find my frog prince and kiss him so we’ll live happily ever after.”
“So childish! Still believing fairytales!”
“Hmmmmf! Such a bummer! Don’t tell me you never believe in them!?”
“Of course not! Fairytales are for childish girls who wants to meet a prince! Don’t they know they wouldn’t be meeting a real one! Because their dashing prince is in England and he’s already married!”
“Screw you! You’re the most KILL JOY person I ever met! CHANGE TOPIC!!! By the way highway, it seems that you’ve got a new job aren’t you?” I gave her an awkward smile, how in the world does she know? “Yap, it’s quite unbelievable but it is and how did you know”
“Well it’s seen all over your face!”
“Are you some witch or something!”
“Kinda, I have this super power that I could turn you into a mollusk!” I don’t know but I get startled when she pointed her finger at me and gave a horrible sound effects. She was so happy she laughed so hard “Did I scare you Frown Man! Anyhoooooo Congratulations!” without her noticing the grease on her hand she tapped my shoulder and the stains marked her hand on to my polo “Oops, hehe, do you want ice-cream?” I gave her a raise from my eyebrows as she bows down her head.

“You know what, Ice-cream are for kids, and they gave you tonsillitis, scruffy voice and diabetes…..”
“If you eat too much! You’ll …… ” she buts in! “So what Ice-cream makes me happy?”
“Yes you are! But how about me! I hate ice-cream! And worst you made a mark on my favorite polo. It will stain for the rest of its life”
“Why didn’t you say so? Don’t you like it? At least you’ll always remember me!”
“Oh yes! I will remember the pain you gave me!”
“Are you a depressed delusional person? Pain! It’s just a stain! You can still buy another one, if you can’t make sure to put it overnight with the use of Clorox. And why connect the over negative word called pain in a grease stain polo?” she asked
I was a bit pissed with the tone of her voice. “Hey look! You don’t know me! So what’s with all of your guts talking to me that way! Look at you! You don’t even looked like you know the world! You never know how it feels when the only Polo you have is the polo that caused your father’s death! You know what you’re so childish. Eating ice-cream with a total stranger! What if I’m a murderer? A rapist? A snatcher? You only know my name not my story!”
Her eyes widened again. Her eyes was so brown I feel like I saw my reflection. I immediately bow my head “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to raise my voice at you. It’s just that this is the only gift my father gave me.”
She stare at me deep in my eyes “Oops such an emotional instability you have there buddy. Apology accepted. I’m sorry too it’s a sickness, you know budging in people’s life. It’s just that I hate the word pain. And whenever I heart it I want to kick someone’s throat. Do you even know what pain is? I’m sorry I know how you feel but not really feel feel. I don’t know my father so I don’t how ‘painful it is’ to lose someone. If you just know, pain is much harder than what it seems it is. It’s just a four letter word but it conquers through your mind and soul.  You dwell with different emotions you never thought it exist. There are lot of people who suffers more than you do. You might not understand it and tell me you feel the same way but there are lots of case that they have the worst. But they still continue to smile and live their life.”
I look at her again, and she moved one sit apart from, how could a young person say those things she have never been felt. She’s completely too young to feel those things. If you just know how she swings her feet through the high chair and make her pigtails move like a spinner. Or play with her spoon as she eats ice-cream and a huge bow on her head is kind of weird sometimes, she looks like Hello Kitty! “You better run old man, I guess that you really wanted to tell your mom that you got in!”

She’s right! How could I forgot? “Will you be okay kiddo!?”
“Of course, I’m always okay! Good luck to your new job!”
I went home happily. I never felt so happy and excited in my life before but here I am smiling with glee. For the first time I never complained. I sat down beside my mother telling her what happened in the interview, how my new employer smiled at me as he listens to the word I say. I was just like a child telling my mom how my teacher liked my poem. It was the best day and I couldn’t help but to sleep with a smile on my face.
New day. New Job. The phases of being a newbie. My team leader had introduce me to each every member of her team. But I can’t help to lose the fact that she’s the same age as I do and yet she’s my boss. She talks very smoothly and with grace and it goes with her name Grace. And what’s really funny is that she is the fiancé of my employer. What a lucky man!
Since it’s my first day I haven’t received much work but according to her work will be tough as soon as I get my butt to stick on my chair. I still feel the excitement on work that moment that I couldn’t help but to smile to everyone I met on the hallways. It’s like high school all over again. Even as I leave the office I made a very good expression yet funny for others but I still think I pass.

“Is this your first job?” Grace asked.
“Yes, and I’m really excited to work here. It’s my dream job too”
“Well good luck young man. As long as your enthusiasm is there, you’re going to go up!” and Grace made a good impression on me too. She’s just so beautiful, I can’t resist to think that she’ll be marrying soon.
“Hi Henry!” a childlike voice came to wake me up from my day dream. “Anakin? You again? What are you doing here?” I asked “Well, someone from this building ask me to deliver some cookies, and I did? I didn’t know you’re working here. But as soon as I saw your skinny body then I realize ah it’s you”
“Why in the world of all places here? Are you a mushroom? You seem to be everywhere?”
“Nope I’m just a cookie seller! Good bye Henry”
And with her child like waved again. Why is it so hypnotizing? “Wait! I’ll walk you home!”

While we are walking Anakin never lose her sight on me “Is there something in my face?” I asked “Nope, it’s cool to see someone like you with a remarkable smile on his face which is not seen for the past few days. It’s amazing”
“It’s because I’m happy, I have a job!” I smiled
“Or you saw this bright young woman on her red heels as she blow your heart up!”
“You rascal! I’m not!”
“Why so in denial?”
“She’s going to marry soon okay. Knock it off”
“I’m sorry it’s just that you have a glow on your eyes or is it just a remedy because the two of you will never be together” I immediately glared at her “Oops sorry, I will no longer talk” she immediately rode her bike “Good bye Henry! I got to go shoof!”
Why in the world is that girl always in the “shoofing moment” and what the heck is shoof? After that night, again it’s weird but I continuously see Anakin in an unconscious manner for months and months, she’s just sprouting everywhere! I will just be shocked as soon as I hear her say “Hi Henry!” Whether it’s in the office where she deliver cookies, or in the morning when she delivers newspapers in the neighborhood or when she’s riding her bike or simply walking or applying on different jobs or simply she just saw me. I can’t help but to smile but she makes me worried sometimes that she work so much she forgets how give it a rest.


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