Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The man I first loved by Janine Kaye

The man I first loved
I’ve lost a man
Who loved me for who I am;

They’ve steal the man
Who made breakfast as much as he can;

He was the king of my heart
But they tore us apart

I was tragically ill
For the burden they wanted me to feel

They disrespect the people I loved
And was never sorry for the actions they had

The man I first loved
Whom I lost in the war

The man who I could only love
But I guess it was never enough

He had left so much pain in my heart
That I couldn't barely stand and get up

The man I first love
Was no longer with me

He just left without saying good bye
Leaving me in pain as I stopped my tears

I blame him for the feelings I feel
The reason why my attitude was this way

I almost shut everyone out
Without them noticing 

I hid every feeling I had
With every smile I have give

They looked down on me because of what you did
Whenever I hear your name all I get was pain

But as I grew up
I have realize that I should never be angry

Because if you haven't left me
I would never be as strong as I am today

I used to control every emotion I feel
But now, I could stand up and say what I wanted to say

I was once that little girl
Who cried daddy all the time.

There was a man I loved before
But he chose to stay away

So the girl who used to cry
Is now a woman.

A woman who could handle herself 
In a certain she could cry out loud without getting hurt. 

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