Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Meeting Darth Vader Part 3 by janine kaye

On one Saturday morning, she had a smile on her face as she carries her pink guitar all the way up on the slide at the playground. She keeps on humming as she strums her guitar. I don’t know what she’s singing but she sang it really beautiful, and that’s what you call insane. Never heard the song but find it beautiful. And I guess she saw me when stopped playing, stood up, wave at me and slide all the way down “Hi Henry!”
I slowly walk towards her and ask her what she’s doing “Well, my sisters going to get married next year and I really need to practice this song for her. My fingers aren’t quite well due to nonstop dough making this fast few weeks, so I’m practicing with all my heart today”

“You have a sister!” “ Yap” “Don’t tell me your sister’s name is Padme” “How did you know? Queen Padme, I used to call her Queen” “Wow! Your mom is a diehard Star Wars fan! So what song are you singing?”

“My everything by Lena Park” she made a long sigh and look at me “You know what I’m so happy that I can’t help it”

“What are you happy about?” I asked out of curiosity and with a joke “Is it because you’re beside me?”

She laughed “Oh my gee you’re funny! And a feeler! Honestly I’m just happy without any reason. Quite insane right”

“No! You’re weird, how can you be happy without any reason.” She looked at me with her deep brown eyes “You don’t need a reason to be happy. Just like when love someone, you don’t have a specific or certain reason why love that person. It’s a feeling of living life to fullest without any regrets”

“Wow! So deep! I can’t believe that a young person like you would talk about happiness like that
She stood up and put her hands on her waist, “What do you think I am?”

“A child!” I answered knowingly. “Seriously, I am a 24 year old woman with no career, no love life, and talking to a man child named Henry!” she said “You’re 24?” I asked in a shocked “Yes what age do you think I am?” “16? Hey but don’t just Henry me! I’m older than you by 2 years show some respect and I’m not a man child, I’m mature”
“How about immature?” and she spanked my forehead and run away. “Is that what you got? Darth Vader?” I stood up on the seesaw and pointed my finger on her as she ran like a child “Screw you Henry Barney! You can’t catch me because of your old grumpy legs”

In a minute, the rain started falling. “It’s raining men Henry!” she shouted with glee! She came running to me as she hold my hands “Come on Henry, let’s yell to the top our lungs and let go all of our inhibitions from our past!” I accidentally stared at her brown eyes all over again, her innocence made me shiver and made my heart pound like crazy, her smile made me melt that I started screaming.


“Screw you painful past!” I said and she mimics me “Screw you painful past!”
The rain pour harder so we stayed on the top of the slide and waited for the rain to stop. Because of the cold weather she started to get shivers and slowly I wrapped my arms on her and she gave me a mean stare “Don’t worry I’ll just keep you warm, no malice” she smiled as she puts her head on my shoulder “I think you need a Superman costume now so you could be a real hero and cape is very useful in rain like this” “Silly child!”

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