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Meeting Darth Vader Last Part by Janine Kaye

“Hey, are you okay” I asked “Yes, thank you for bringing me here” I sat beside her as she turns her cup of coffee on her hand “I’m Anakin’s mother, we’re not actually on the same age range Henry. I did it because of my job and career. I was such a pathetic mother! I used to be an actress on theatre plays until I have Anakin. My boyfriend who was also an actor left me when he found out that I’m going to have a baby with him. And because I should not say anything about my pregnancy, because it would affect my career.  My mom and I discussed that we should keep the baby as my sister. Anakin was always sick, she grew up from hospital walls. I could always remember that day she found out that she was my child. She was so angry at me that she ran away and you know what’s funny, she sends a letter on to my door and told me ‘If in case you look for me, I’ll be at the opera house’” her tears fell as she was talking about Anakin. “The doctors said she’s going to be fine, but she didn’t, she always had relapses. One day she told me that she wanted a normal life, find a job, and make new friends. I was against it, but she begged me, ‘Mom please’ and that was the first time she called me mom. Who would hesitate to give her that one wish? She suffered a lot, she had applied different jobs and pushed herself to be the best she could be but every time she does it, she always fail. But you know what she never gave up. She said that impossibilities can make us stronger than what we think we are. People might say that she’s crazy at least she had test through her limits. And then she met you, she really liked you Henry, so much. But she was afraid to fall for you because you wouldn’t understand. Last four years ago, she went back to the hospital and told us she wanted to be better, she wanted to be better not just for us, for herself but for you too Henry. It’s funny right, it was destined that you and I worked at the same company for four years and watch you grow into a fine young gentleman. You are Anakin’s hero and even if she’s so weak, she wanted to see you for the very last time.”

I can’t help but to suffer seeing Grace cry in front of me and worst hear those words from her. I felt that it was my fault too. If only I could change back time and tell Anakin that I was so happy to see her, but everything is too late. I took all the strength to sat beside her and tap her on her back “How about your Boss, does he know all about this?” “Yes, he knows everything about Anakin and treats her like her child and he’s coming back from the States to see Anakin”

When my boss arrived to comfort Grace, I went back to see Anakin’s condition. How did you remain so strong despite of your condition? Why didn’t you tell me what you have been through? I look at her fragile little body as I touched the veins on her hands and arms. “You have suffered so much and here I am healthy and strong, you’re right from the start, I should not be complaining with my life, because here you are battling your life to the test. I’m so sorry”

From my behind, Mrs. Okleary tapped my back “Anakin must be so happy to see you beside her. I know that’s she is so excited to hear your voice all over again” Mrs. Okleary held my hand “Henry, I am glad that you’re here.” She took a small envelope on her pocket and gave it to me “Anakin wants me to give this to you as soon as she leaves our place but I guess it’s too unfair for you, so I’m giving this to you now.” She held my hands tight as she left me inside Anakin’s room.

Okay it’s been really weird that I’m writing this to you now. You know we have long chats and walks nowadays and I completely like it! Especially the non-stop messy ice cream eating of yours which makes you less attractive! Bwahahahaha! Anyway since you’ll be reading this anytime soon, I am happy to announce that I have decided to be your one and only Darth Vader as soon as my uncontrollable weakness is done. I promise you that I’ll be good, better and best! Not to mention I’ll be prettier as soon as you see me and your eyes will get magnetize to my gorgeous look.
Henry! When that happiness of yours comes, don’t forget to grab and take a hold of it! Don’t ever let it go! Because if it’s too late, it’s too late. So smile and forget the tragedies your heart have been honing this past few years! Okay!
And one more thing! You’re one of the best SUPER HERO I have met in my entire life! Not to mention your musical talents! You don’t need a cape to be a hero all you need is strength and all the good vibes in world!
Anakin the Darth Vader

PS. Please Miss me when I’m gone but don’t make a career out of it! J

I held the letter beside my heart as I burst into tears. Silly child, why think of others, you should be thinking of yourself. You should be better so that you can still see the smiles they have whenever you are near. Anakin, I don’t know what I will do if I lose your pixie dust.
I lay close to Anakin as I watched her breathe and it was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my entire life. She’s just like sleeping beauty, despite of her pale lips and skin, she’s beautiful.
Days had passed, weeks had passed, Anakin’s making progress, and I sat there waiting for her to wake up. I brought my old violin as I play different songs I have learned and play when I was younger. Once again, I held her hand, I closed my eyes and pray that she could live. Live longer and have a brighter future ahead of her. Slowly I whispered in her ears, “I’m not giving up on you as long as you hold my hand and never let go. I love you!”

I stood up and started playing the violin. I couldn’t imagine what happened that moment. Is it just a dream or what? “Henry” she whispered “Henry” she called again. I stare at her, her eyes wide open, Grace started screaming, Mrs. Okleary called the doctor and there I am, standing and there I saw the one of the best beautiful smile in the world.

“Hello Darth Vader!”

“Henry! Can you please play for me? I missed the songs you play when I was asleep”

“My pleasure”

After the mini celebration, Grace took a photo of all of us together with Anakin. “Mom, I want to sit” Grace out of shocked, looked at me as we slowly let her sit. “I saw this in my dream. This exact moment, where everybody I loved is here. You, Mr. Dad, Mom and Henry we’re all having fun, having no worries and just smiling” Grace and Mrs. Okleary can’t help but to tear “Honey, we’ll be happier if you’ll get stronger, so that we could go home and search for job” Anakin smiled. “Really?” despite of the pain she’s enduring, she still managed to smile and talk. “Okay, enough with some dramas on a count of three say CHEEEEEEEZEEE”

I was staring at Anakin’s brown eyes, her smile seems to not fade away. Grace, Mrs. Okleary left the room to get some fresh flowers down the hall. As I sat down beside her and slowly held her hand “How’s my one and only Darth Vader?”

“You’re not angry anymore?”

“Of course not! Why would I?”

“Because I’m sick? You’ll feel miserable if you’re still angry to a poor child like me”

“Correction, you’re not a poor child, you are a strong fine woman”

“Wow! That’s new! Calling me a woman!” she wanted to sat down “Henry could you stay beside me for a while” I sat beside her laying her head on my chest “Henry, thank you! You’re really my hero! And I tell you you’re way hotter than Henry Cavill! You know what, I heard your voice when I was asleep. I really wanted to see you so badly, so I really tried my best to wake up and see you and everybody! And I did!”

“Yes, you did! That’s why we’re all happy and celebrating! But No Anakin, Thank you, you are my inspiration in making my life well. You made the dreams I never thought I have. You’re the reason why I strived hard to be the best person I am. You are my superstar”


“Yes, you are one of the most inspirational people I would ever know in my entire life. You are my hero” she smiled as I kissed her forehead “I can say that this is way better than all of my other dreams! This is one beautiful dream” Anakin said.

5 years later
“That performance is superb!” Grace running all the way from the backstage together with my Boss. “Wowhowoo! Slow down! Baby bump alert!” She gave me a hug as she kissed me like a child “Don’t worry! My knight and shining armor is beside me” “Yap! She’s so excited to see you that after the performance we run like a wind! Congratulations Henry! It’s really a good thing I have accepted you in my company 8 years ago.” “And we are so proud of you!” Grace added.  
“Thanks Grace! I wouldn’t have done this without you!”

“Well, I just have the venue! You have the talent!”

“Oh my son! My Henry! Look at all this! It was just a part of your dream! Now it’s all happening” my mom said as she gave me tons of hugs and kisses. “We’re so proud of you!” as Mrs. Okleary tapped me on my shoulders “Sorry to interrupt Mother and Mom” Grace said “But Henry, I think you’ll need this, she would be happy to see you holding this!” “Oh yeah! Would you come with me?” “Oh come on! No need! I think it’s better if the two of you would have the time of your life!” “Thanks Queen I mean Mom!” “No, thank you!” “See you at home!”

“Mom! I’ll see you at home okay! Thank you for never giving up on me!” I said “Of course you are my son! I love you just the way you are! See you at home okay!” she said as she kissed me and join Mrs. Okleary “I’ll just have some important matters to attend to”

Rain. Rain. Rain. “Why in the world do you have to ruin my suit? Don’t you know I have a date today?” and before anything gets worst!

“Henry!!!!!!” she yelled

“Ouch! What the?” I turned around, the umbrella pointing at my back, I started staring at that deep brown eyes again. “Hello! It’s raining! You’ll get sick so I brought some umbrella with me!” I smiled. As she put the umbrella on top of me as I slip my hands onto hers as we started walking together.
“How’s the musical concert Maestro? I’m so sorry I didn’t had the chance to watch the live concert”
“I truly understand love, with all my heart. Don’t worry everything went well. They liked every music I did! And this is all for you!”

“For me? You did this all by yourself the only thing I could take from you is this flowers”
“Of course you are a part of it! Look at the plaque of appreciation! You know what, people liked the song I made for you!”

“Wow! I can’t reach you Super Hero! Really they do?! I told you so!” she said as she made a frowning face at me “Hmmmf! I bet all the girls like you so much! Not just because you are entirely handsome but they’re  stealing you away from me!”
“Oh come on Tink! Of course not! You’re my one and only you. That’s why I locked my heart on to you when I say I do!”

“Okay fine, explanation accepted!” We sat by the bay as she lay her head on to my shoulder and watched the sun set “I miss you!” Anakin said “I miss you more than you miss me”

“Henry!” she said with glee“Can you call my name again?” I asked “Henry!” she said “Another one” “Henry! Henry! Henry! Henry! Henry! Henry!” my heart was so happy that I couldn’t help but to be contented. I look at her again “You seem to be so happy huh!” she gave me a smile “Because my Henry is happier” “You think so?” “Yap! When I first met you, you we’re this frown man, who gets a little bit terrified and pissed if I tell a joke. The world is all on your shoulders and now, you are one fine gentleman! And I think you’ll be okay now!” she kissed me on my cheeks, on my forehead, on my hands, on my neck and on my lips. She stare at me “I love you so much Henry! You’ll always be here in my heart” “I love you more than you love me Janika!” and once again she kissed me on my cheeks and slowly she fades away. “I’ll see you in heaven Darth Vader!” I shouted.

“And there I was, walking in the streets of the workaholic place challenging the world with my capabilities, reaching my dreams and never losing hope. Because there’s this person who made me stronger than I could ever be. The girl that I love. The girl that I will always treasure. If only I could get over her I would. Without you near me I feel so alone without your sight or your voice I’m losing this battle. I miss you so much that it killed every tid bits of me. But there you are, whenever I remember you, you never shed a tear nor feel so alone but instead you stood up and let me feel that everything is going to be okay. And I’m doing this because of you Anakin. I will always treasure the memories we share, those 3 fruitful years of our life together. I would never forget but Anakin I hope you’ll miss while I am gone. I’ll see you really soon and this book is for you. Thank you for loving me.” The audience applaud and gave me a standing ovation.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who felt miserable with his own life and met a girl who challenged him to find his destiny and live with it. 


I hope you guys enjoy reading my short story. If there are any comments, reactions that you wanted to share to me so that I may improve somethings if I'm going to write more short stories just leave a comment on the comment section area.

I'll be sharing more and more stories I have written from the past and poems that made me realize that I made it! So don't get tired of me okay :) Until other short stories to come! :)

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