Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Paris Dream

Once Upon a time there was a girl name Janine Kaye, and she dreamed of Paris :D

Have you ever wished to have your own travelling machine? Because I do want to have my own travelling machine... I wanted it so badly that I ended up daydreaming.

I always had this moments where I lay down in bed and see myself through a wall of adventures and dreams, where I see myself in the touched of a once upon a dream.....

I dreamed of walking with my Dalmatians at the park, play the piano at a cafe bar, to read books under a tall tree, to take photos of my cat doing what she does best, to fall in love and stare for hours at the Eiffel Tower and to be kissed under it...

Day Dreaming again Jake! Well out of my amusement and love for Paris, I had composed a piano piece called Paris :)

check out my youtube piano piece here :)

And Paris is one of the dreams I wanted to fulfill one day :)

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