Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hi guys... well I'm still having some troubles blogging... So I will try my very best to overcome this blogging issue of mine and turn it into something "extra-ordinary".

To start of my personification... I'm Janine Kaye.. but you can all call me Jake for short :)
hehe... I guess I am a part of the Selfie Photographers (who doesn't). Anyways, I love taking photo's (includingmyself!haha) that signifies nature, smiles, dress code, and anywhere with my camera/phone on. I usually put all of those stuffs on my tumblr account @ or on my FB page at

I also love recycling stuffs, Clay Arts, Painting, Drawing, Playing the Piano etc etc... and you're all going to see it on my future blogs....

here's one sample... haha lakas makaphotographer

My two best friends who agreed to take shots with me :) hohoho

Blogspotting for ze first time :) hahaha

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