Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am Meg Top 100 :)

Who wouldn't believe I would actually get in :)

It's been weeks since I got my letter that I was shortlisted for I am Meg Season 2 Audition last May 25,2013 at the Shangrila Plaza Atrium.

Being an "auditionee" entails a lot of courage to stand in front of the judges and sell yourself. I was having a complete goosebumps all over me; it was my first time, and all I could think of is "YOU CAN DO IT".

Before you reach the end of the whole audition, you have to pass different booths to complete your whole persona; from accessories, to makeup, to VTR, to Photoshoot, to freebies. After all of those, I guess I was okay.

Days had passed, I was a bit busy with all of my editing job that I didn't noticed that I got an invitation from Meg 15th Anniversary. At first all I thought that it was just an invitation for the event but as I scan through the letter it was like OH EM GEEEE!!! I am a part of the top 100 for I am Meg season 2 :))))

Meg Invitation :)

I am Meg top 100 :D

Hi! I'm Janine Bernabe :)

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