Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sketch Fest

Last June 15, 2013, I have joined the "Sketch Fest" competition that was held at the Makati Triangle...  I was a bit nervous at first but as I have paved my hands onto my sketch paper I immediately picture how my art will look like....

The Sketch Fest was on it's 3rd year, "My Flag, My country" was their slogan... I really wish I had photos of the artist who's hands are incredibly admirable and drew their masterpiece exquisitely but sad to say my camera was not in the mood of taking pictures hahaha in short Low battery performance :)))

Anyways.... I still had a photo of myself (thank goodness)

this is the Poem I wrote on the Side :)

Ang bayan kong Sinilangan
Dugo't Pawis ang Puhunan
Itinatayo ang Bandila
Kung san mansulok mapadpad
Taglay ko sa aking dugo
Ang kabayanihan ng aking mga ninuno
Kaya sa araw na ito
Taas noo kong isinisigaw
"Ako ay Pilipino!"
Malaya ako kungdi dahil sa inyo
Mabuhay ang Perlas ng silangan
Kung saan ako naninirahan

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