Monday, June 24, 2013


I have been to tons of shoots in my life, from outdoor to indoor shoots, to make-up tutorials to bombastic hairstyles shoots but never been into shoots like MEGA STYLE :) hohoho

I was invited by the "Missplplify" to cover her behind the scenes at "A look with Ever Bilena", it was a privilege for me to meet new people and to see what is actually going on behind shoots.

I enjoyed being a part of the shoot (even if I'm just their to witness the beauty evolution of make-up and to do behind the scenes video), it was exciting and I have learn a lot when it comes to make up :) hohohoho

So here you go, here are some glimpse of the behind the scenes Mega Shoot :) and don't forget to check out their "Makeup Challenge" at

Camera's ready :)

the Ever Bilena Test :)

the man Behind the Make Up Challenge :) Sir Richmond Rondolo 

Goofing around with Iya on Set :)

With my pretty friend and megastyle online editor Ms. Cat Trivino 

The ever beautiful and gorgeous Iya Consengco :) 

Don't forget to check Missplpify's youtube account for the behind the scenes video :) :)

and thank you Ever Bilena :) 

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