Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Own Gallery

I have been into Painting, Arts, and Crafts (especially recyclable materials) ever since I was growing up; and how my mom see's my room is somehow different from the way I see it :) I love Painting, I love the way the colors matched even if it will take you seconds to figure out what color you should use, I love the way colors can turn something dull and sad into something extra-ordinary and impressing :)\

Painting for me is an expression. An expression to be happy, to be excited, to feel some agony or to portray my dreams. I can say that the pictures I have painted are a huge depiction of who I really am. I am incredibly shy, (as people signifies me) I had a hard time expressing myself into words especially when we're just new friends... So my brush and my watercolors are my personal signifier's (hmmm is there such a word) anyways.. they open my soul into a new level of "Kaartehan" and fantasies. I guess my room is piled with millions and millions of my so called masterpieces that I have preserved in my outnumbering portfolio...

So I'll be showing a tiny bits of my "four walls" where I used to hang my framed paintings, and some artworks I post on tumblr :)

The Pianist :) I love color pink, so I tried so hard to match Pinkish colors and a piano to basically show my inner me. Playing the Piano is one of my favorite hobbies aside from painting the hell out of me :) hahaha

"Babae sa batis" 

"Ang Pilipina"  and "Stairway to Heaven" 

This is Just Me! :) 

and here are some closeups of my "Other Paintings" 

Insipired by Ms. Ala Paredes Profile Pic :)

I have always dreamed of being a mermaid :) hahaha... as Beautiful as Ariel :)

A house at the top of the hill, why not! :)

I wanted to have a cat that can read me stories and take me to a fantasy land :) and I want her to be Blue :) 

My favorite Anime Character "Sailor Moon" :D

and the rest is history.. hahaha...well you can browse some of my so called arts at my tumblr and tell me what art you guys like the most :D

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