Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The modelling Issue

Okay! This is one of my greatest frustrations; to be a model. I wanted to be just like Tyra Banks, I wanted to be a Victoria Secret Model, I wanted to be like Barbie, or to walk on Paris runway,  etc. etc.... I don't know why I have dreams of being a model, but I just wanted to dress up and flaunt the "Fierce!" and I have achieved it for a night! :)

May 26,2013... the day I have always been waiting for, the day where I will strut a pose, the day I will be my inner Barbie. I tell you this is a dream come true for me. And being able to join the nationwide search for the Next Star Model had hit my brain waves frustrations in automatically joining in the competition. Well, of course I needed approval from my momma dear kasi gastos nanaman siya! :)

And here you go... My very first actual Photo shoot... 

The Star Model Official Shirt :)

My summer wear :)

last but definitely not the least the Fashion Wings Attire :D

Okay... I really don't have awesome shots during the pageant itself because everybody is busy watching... But there are some few photos taken by my best friend and grab from different candidates :D 

With Joan, Andrea and Sharmaine :)

With Joan and Andrea :)

Ze winged ladies :)

With Chiessa Ong

Dancing Hot Issue with Andrea Cortez

Chippy Chippy Dam:)

Doing the Pose :))))

the runway strut

What time is it? Summer Time!

Feeling Victoria Secret Model langs :)))

All I can say is Dreams do come true :) AIM.ACHIEVE.LIVETHEDREAM! 
I may not win the competition but this experience is one big thing for me... All first times, I guess, is Exciting, memorable and Extraordinary! hahaha... :)

"marami pa namang contest! try and try!" :) 

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