Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Al- Baik

Growing up this is one of my favorite fast-food chain in Jeddah! And because I truly miss this chicken! I made a poetry! :)
Al – Baik BOW
Ah, the memories of before came in
It was only you and me living this feeling
We sat at the table
Just staring at one another for hours
I never like you at first
But I’ve grown fond of you
Little did I know I was already falling for you
And my heart is shaking just by thinking of you
I would never forget when we held hands
It was summer when we we’re both trap in hunger
You gave me a lot of glimpse
That I myself couldn’t concentrate
Your scent had capture me
Like I was hypnotize in a trance
And no matter how much I tried to leave
You came holding me asking me for one more chance
Then we would go back on that same table
We’re we would stare at each other
Your lips close to mine
Making me freeze that I couldn’t resist
Then snap here I am, fast forward
Laughing at those memories in the past
Reminding myself how youthful I was
How funny my brain works with these illusions
The memoirs of us had been long gone
Though I thought these feelings would last
But seeing you again in my new time line
Brings me back to all the recollections we share
As if it was only yesterday
When we both meet

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