Thursday, October 5, 2017

That hurdling feeling

That hurdling feeling
I would love to hold your hands and keep close to you till our hair turns gray
I wouldn't care less about what people would say just being next to you is okay :)
We would stare into each others eyes and wait the time pass by
You would crawl your hands into my hair and tell me everything would be fine
We would laugh at each other for being so cheesy
And you would hug me so dearly
We would both look at the big dark sky..
And lose ourselves until we cry
That's how I picture our love story
Simple yet lovely
But as I look into those eyes....
I would realize that our story somewhere trap beyond my bliss
It was only me who loves you within my reach....
Because everything I wrote about you would always be a part of my dream
And no matter how much I remind myself about this realm

I still lose myself thinking about you

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