Friday, October 6, 2017

The Coffee by Janine Kaye


I remember how she stares at his beauty
The way she illustrates his charming personality
She didn’t mind about anything
It was only him and always him

She gets shivered whenever they kissed
The warmth of his hug made her feel secured
She would always smile like a child
And dance in her feet while holding his hand

She would always remember the very first time they meet
Just like those sweet endearing kisses on her sleeves
And every morning she wakes up
The fragrance of that man makes her even weak

She always love him
But she knew that he wasn’t meant to stay
So no matter how many hours she would stay awake
The long lost love would never stay the same

She sat there staring at him
Watching him as he leave
She still kisses him goodbye
And whispers into that dark blue sky

“I will still find you tomorrow
And bring back the taste of our bitter sweet scenario
You would come back to me
And will seal our love with those never ending kiss”

There again, she was smiling till the end
Sitting right there beside him
She would laugh at herself
Just by simply staring at him

She would nod cheerfully
She would smile gracefully
Because no matter what she would always be in love
With that Tall, Grande, Venti creature
That made her fell over heels
And she wouldn’t exchange it for any chills.

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