Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Annyeong! My Korean Fangirl feels! I have always wanted to visit a Korean store here in the Philippines, well aside from C.NA (famous Korean store here in the Philippines that offers Korean merchandise such as beauty products, bags and CD’s of Famous Korean superstars) I was really searching for places or store that offers Korean products such as ramyum, posters, socks, chocolates or juices, something that would spice up my Korean Drama feels.

Finally I had found one! While walking towards National bookstore in Morayta, my le familia and I found this store Tamina! What actually caught my eyes was the striking handsome face of Lee Min Ho. Out of our excitement we immediately went in and check what the store offers.

1. RAMYUM! They have tons!!! Since the spicy noodle challenge is on hype nowadays, there were also customers who are asking some Spicy Noodles (I bet they’re going to face the wrath of the noodles).

2. UYU! The banana milk that our oppa’s and unnies love to drink!

3. There are also a lot of face masks that you could choose from and kpop merchandise from our biases such as socks, posters, postcards and keychains!

4.SAUSAGE  - Kim Bok Joo's Favorite Snack!! 

5. Park Bogum - But what actually caught my attention was Bogum! Bogum’s Ghanna chocolate! Hihihi excuse me from taking a photo with him :D Eh kasi si crush!

Anyhoo, the place also some dine in area where you can enjoy eating your Korean food. “May pagka mini convenient store siya for you” Unfortunately I don't have pictures on their dine area "kasi naenganyo ako sa products!"

Here are some of the Photos my brothers and I have taken at Tamina store! J

Until next time!! spice!