Friday, October 24, 2014

The perks of being a Clay Artist :)

A lot of people might be thinking that making clay arts (not just clay arts but my DIY's)  is just something I love to do, that people tend to see it as over exceeding when it comes to pricing and all. Well, yes, I love doing it, and my love for this hobby entails a lot and lot of effort, creativity and love; at the same time I used it as a source of income :) Orders only happen once in a blue moon, so make the most out of it, not just sharing my DIY's to you but showing you this is what I love to do :)

I usually have some of my hate and love relationship with my clay arts and yap, some clay needs to be molded with heart and soul. 

More than 7 hours in the making! But efforts all paid up once you see how your clay art looks like! :)

My mini business started way back in 2010, with the name Cherry Art, when I was a part of a 5 group of girls just wanting to pass our course Communication and Entrepreneurship. After finishing the course my classmates and I went on separate ways and I stayed with the idea of making clay art something big.
So I started to change the name Cherry Art to Dainty Pink, wondering what the logo it maybe, of course I chose something that would really matched my personality, which is pink and teddy bears. At first it was something that I just thought of something really cute. But reality check, it’s not as easy as one two three, business is business, it’s all about money, competition and all.

When dainty pink is starting, a lot of my friends have thought that the pricing I have put up was extremely high that no one would ever see or buy it. Without thinking any further, I have reduced my items and put them on sale, and worst comes to worst, the more they dislike the items I have made. I have come to my realizations that making clay art is not just a hobby of mine, not just something I wanted to create out of business, but because I am passionate about making one small object and pour my heart and soul into it (not to exaggerate, but it’s true!). Making one clay art entails a lot of effort! As in literally!

Talking about pricing, by lowering the prices, it doesn’t guarantee more customers! It will just give you a negative effect on how your customers see your designs (just like the way it happens to me). Because the lower the price you give, the lower the value of the object you have worked for hours will just simply be out of sight. But of course, it also an important thing to not put your price too high. Honestly, I really had a hard time on pricing my clay arts, because there are also a lot of clay art store that sells almost the same design as I do, but the only thing that is different is that they have already established names when it comes to clay making.
As a newbie, yes, it’s a must to know your competitors, at the same time you should know your products well, what made you a hit! What is different from you? What can you offer? You should be asking yourself questions about the matter itself. So what I did, is that I broaden my horizons and made something not just out of clay arts but of felt papers and some DIY’s.
Recently, I just have changed my Dainty Pink Logo into something that I can truly say that this is Janine! This is me! Say hello to the new mascot of dainty pink, Chloe. I have even made her into life together with myself J]
Sometimes, all you have to do is to think about it 100% if this is really for you. Some of us hobbyist make this business out of the word hobby and turn it into something where we can share our talents to all of you. It may not be all but to some of you who have the same passion as we do, as I do. So don’t be afraid to explore your horizons, explore your talents, you don’t know maybe you can inspire others by making something small into something big. And I tell you no one is too small for that dream to happen, all you have to do is believe and be creative! :) 

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