Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dreamscape by Janine Kaye

Dreamscape part 5

It was like my insecurities
It ruins my path of dreams
I can’t just sit here and watch
Even with so much pain I tried standing up
There’s my chance
My own self trying to get the sword from the throne
I hit her in the back
And then she kicked
I tried hitting her again but it was no use
She puts up her hands
And call to her magical powers
A flaming paper suddenly appears out of nowhere
I followed her and tried hitting her
But it was no use
I am me, she is me
My moves are predictable
Every step I make is the same step she takes
I was panting,
I can still feel the pain that the seal has given me
My body is burning
I can’t even think anymore
And hit! I smacked her in her face
She fell flat on the floor
As I easily run for the sword
The electrical energy was gone
I took the sword
Went back to her but she was already gone
I didn’t feel her presence
My body is now trembling with so much pain
That I didn’t know that she was behind me
She kicked me at my back
As I tripped into the floor,
Letting the sword off my hand
She picked it
And I kicked her
My brain wasn’t functioning anymore
But my nerves are helping me to move
When she was already flat on the floor
I took the sword again
And in all my power I directed the sword on to her heart
“You are not going to ruin all of my dreams you…..”
But before I finished
The curse seal had started to get worst
That I fell flat on my feet
As she stood up and took the sword from me!
“Well, well, well, I guess your time is up Jenny!”
She picked me
And throw me into the wall
“So you really think that it’s going to be that easy huh!
Hmm… I can feel all that suffering into your every bone
I can smell the glory of my winning
I am now achieving the dream that I wanted so badly
And you know what I am the dream
That you will never be
You know why because you are a loser
A freak, nobody would even dare to get close to you
And you know what’s funny
They’re even laughing at you when you’re not looking
A person like you should be erasing from this reality
I know that you envy me so much
Because I can do things you can’t”
She walks towards me
And a reflection from behind her was seen
“Don’t you like to be like this?”
She pointed out me being one of the popular kids
“Don’t you want to be like this?”
Then another reflection of me being on top of the class
“Or this, would you like to be this”
Me, being friends with everyone,
Applauding my every work
Praising my every move
I was intelligent, I was brave, and I had self confidence
I have less insecurity
Everyone understanding the way I see things
They’re not laughing at me they were laughing with me
People who bullied me before
Are the people who bowed before me?
I wasn’t a disgrace
I wasn’t a part of so much disapproval
And everyone in that world likes that other side of me
Than the person I used to be
And Chris, he liked me so much
That he doesn’t want to leave me alone
Everything in that so called portal
Was the person I wish I was when I was back there?
The things I wish people would see
Everything that I have hope for came true
But that wasn’t me
Despite of what may have occurred in my life
I was happy, yes I had doubts, but all those things are a part of my life
Those things made me stronger than before
I am learning, my cup of life is not yet full
There are things I still want to learn
And dreams that I want to achieve
Yes, I may be inferior but every dream starts with an ambition to reach it.

“And what’s worst is, the guy you like likes me better than you
Who would even like someone who’s smaller than a rat?”
She holds my chin and said
“What a pity? Do you have any last words before I replace you in your world?”

“I do!”
With all of my strength I tried to sit up straight
“Yes, I do envy you!
I wish I had the guts to show the world what I am capable of
Yes, I do wish I was that same person I saw from the reflection
And sometimes I do wish I that I could fit in
That everybody could appraise me, could see me
But that is not the life that I wanted
Because the life I wanted is free from envy, fear, and darkness
And I won’t let someone like you ruin my dreamscape
I don’t care if everybody would say no
This is what I wanted non of you can stop me from reaching it
Yes, I may different but this is what makes me special
I know that could make it
No matter what despising words you say
I won’t let anyone like you turn my spirit down
Because whatever it takes I’ll be standing tall
I will never stop until I reach the peak of success
And I know all of my dreams can happen
Because I believe in myself
Lastly, you’re going down Jenny the bad side”

“You can still say those things even if you’re getting weaker?
Are you really nuts! Don’t you like the way you were treated?
You weren’t a trash in that world
You were the queen!”

“Yes, I may be the queen, but am I happy?”

“Of course you are! That’s what you wanted
That’s why I am here
Because everything you wished for is all me
And one thing honey! As soon as I enter into your reality
Your dreams and future will crash just like this tiny book of yours!
Well, you chose for a painful death, so I’m giving it to you!”
Slash! She slashed my arm
“Well, I think it’s more painful if the guy you trusted
Will be the one who’s going to end your life”
And out of the black place
There was Chris walking towards me
As he took the sword from my self
I tried my best to ran from him
But I was too weak to stand up
I don’t want things to end here
I was already crying asking him why
But there was no answer
All I see was that he wanted to kill me
He sat in front of me stare at me
As the curse gets worst
There he was putting the sword higher
And SMASH………………………………………………………………

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