Saturday, November 15, 2014

I have a FELTing.... :)

Howdy friends! Another day, another ways of smiling! :)

For the past few weeks, I was kind of busy thinking of what Christmas gifts I'll be giving to my friends and family this year. Something made from the heart and something that is cost friendly. This year, I have been organizing my felt papers for a reason I don't even know, thinking what are my friends favorite thing to do, favorite character etc etc etc....

So I took my pen, doodled and started cutting shapes from my felt paper :)

Since my felt paper colors aren't that much, I have decided to make Emmet in Jammies :)


Mr. Sherlock Holmes 


The arrow!

And of course my favorite super warrior SailorMoon :) 

Making Felts gave me back aches but looking at them now made me so happy that I wanted to make more for my love ones. You guys can make it too, all you need is patience and perseverance! Let all your creativity float in the air and do the making! You can also tag me on your felt paper designs and show the world your awesomenessssss!:) 
Why spend so much on something, if you can make one! :) 

And if you guys WANT ONE, wanted to make an order, COMMENT below! :) I'll be updating this blog for more and more designs for you to see, or you can request a character or something you would like me to make for you, of course in a very affordable price. :D 

You can also check out my DAINTY PINK BLOG here :)

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