Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dreamscape by janine kaye

Dreamscape part 6 "The ending"

The pain, it’s still excruciating
I opened my eyes
And I was travelling in a rewind
I saw myself and everything that happened
I was lost
A strong wind pulling me
As I was walking fast
Someone was also walking at a different direction
He holds me tight and said
“You don’t have much time!
Go behind her and kill her with this sword”

“What I don’t understand?”

“On a count of three, open your eyes”

“Wait who are you?”

“Just trust me, on a count of three
Open your eyes and stab her……
1, 2, 3………………….”

I opened my eyes
There I was behind my own self
I stab the sword on to her
“How did you do that?”

Still holding on to the sword
“I told you, this is my dreamscape
And I wouldn’t let anyone like you
Ruin my precious dreams!”

As the sword went through her
I grab her body into mine
As our body combined with the help of the ray of light
As I was witnessing our complete combination
I saw myself on the other phase I was lifeless
I was lying onto Chris arms
Questions started to pop
Am I dead?
Did Chris kill me?
How did I got here?
Is this the actual ray of light?
Am I out of the curse seal?
What is happening?
And the pain, I can still fill the pain
My body is getting weaker
I’m so tired I wanted to rest
I don’t want to close my eyes
But I just can’t help it,
I just can’t see anything else………………………………….

The sun it’s shinning
I can feel that someone is carrying me
Slowly I moved my head
“Don’t worry everything is fine now”
A voice, I know that voice
I opened my eyes, its Chris
I panicked that I felt a little bit shaky
“What are you doing? Where is my kingdom?”

“Carrying you, don’t worry everyone is safe now”
He smiled

“Really and you still have the guts to smile at me
After what you did a while ago
And what do you mean they’re safe now
My mean version just burned my dreamscape”

“Look behind you,
They’re watching over you”

As I slowly look behind Chris shoulder
I saw everyone with a smile on their faces
No sadness and fears where traced
They we’re all celebrating the victory we had
“You saved them from your own self
There’s nothing to worry about!”

Still pissed with my current situation
There I was being carried by the person
I hate, I love, I care and my enemy I guess
“Oh my, you’re bleeding!”

“It’s nothing compare to what you have done”
He smiled
Oh here we go again! With the smiling and everything
Ouch! I can my body is starting to get wobbly

“Now rest, we still have a long journey
Until we reach our new kingdom”

“Our new kingdom, how am I going to rest?
 I don’t know what you’re going to do to me!”

“Just trust me”
Darn! The way he said it makes me secure all over again!
What’s wrong with me?
“I’ll be explaining everything to you later!”
Oh well, I still feel tired
I guess there’s no harm in sleeping from his arms
And if something bad happened to me my kingdom would save me
Thinking about my kingdom
Before I closed my eyes
I look at them once again
How beautiful there smiles and laughs are
And there I saw the king smiling at me
Miming “We’re all okay”
I was at peace
As I sleep into Chris arms

According to the king,
I have sleeping for three long days
Like hello
I haven’t slept since I got there
Well a little
But still my body is moving!
I didn’t know that dreaming entails a lot of movements
And that dreaming is one tiring adventure

I stand at the balcony where I see the new kingdom being overjoyed
The breath of fresh air is so relaxing
“How are you feeling” Chris murmured as he gets close to me
I didn’t answer and there was a complete silence from the both of us
“What a beautiful kingdom you have here my lady”
He looked at me with awkwardness
“I’m sorry for what I have done,
If only I could tell you what actually happen
I really hope you would understand me”
I look at him “So tell me Chris, who are you?
Why did you befriend me and then leave me in the middle of the journey
And said those mean words to me!”

“I am a mysterious alien from the south valleys
And I have come to hypnotize you with my powers
All the things I have said weren’t true
Because I just tried to release that strong brave girl within you”

“Oh shut up with that alien thing?
Seriously, I know this is a dreamscape
But you don’t look like an alien to me!
Even though you meant those words in a good way
That’s not how to speak to girl
You jerk! That’s ungentlemanly!
And the worst thing of all things
You stabbed me! I felt ever single drop of blood!”

“I know, I know, that’s why I’m sorry
And for the record, I didn’t stab you”

Still confused and unwary,
What is he saying?

“I tricked you; you were almost fainting when I raised the sword
But actually it was my blood that you felt dripping”

“Okay my mind is catching up a little bit,
So that’s why you have a bruise on your left shoulder
But why do you need to do that
Her instructions were to kill me?”

“Well, yes, but I have a different plan
I stab myself for you to travel to a minimum of time”

“Wait, hold your tongue!’’
You’re the one who gave me the sword
You’re the one who told me that my time is running
That was all you’re doing? Oh come on!”

“Yap, I tricked the both of you with my intentions
I found out what your weakness are Jenny
You have a serious trust issue
The other you trusted so badly
And you don’t trust anyone
So when I had the chance I took it
I met your other self in the past
And I thought it was really you
It was a dream for me to talk to you
But as time passed by
I found out that she was just a reflection of what you desire”

“Wait a minute! I don’t get it”

“I already like you before I enter your dreamscape”

“Okay this is a bit hard to grasp what are you saying?”

“Jenny…… You are my dreamscape
That’s why I wasn’t a part of your dream that burned in your notebook”
“How in the world did that happen?
Okay continue saying what you’re saying”

“It was really complicated,
I don’t know how to start,
I was never a part of your dreamscape
I was never meant to be here”

“What do you mean?
According to the king everything in this place is my dream”
“Yap, but I wasn’t
Remember the part that you don’t trust anyone?
That’s when I came into the picture
My dreamscape was to actually be with you
To ups and down, to adventures and all
But because you we’re so busy thinking about other things
You don’t see people who admire you
And you force yourself to loosen up that feeling”

“Ammm Chris, can you be a little bit straight?
I am in the middle of confusion here”

“All I wanted was you to look at me
But sadly you never have time to see me”

“Oh my, you’re human!”

“Of course I am human!
All I want is for you to look at me,
And you did,
When you turn a little bit grumpy and wicked”

“I am not wicked!
You turn me into it!
But how in the world you like if this is the first time I met you”

“You’ll see”

“Oh come on! Skip the hang cliffers!”

He looked up into the sky
Take a deep breath and said
“You know what Jenny,
You’re so focus on things you don’t see
You’re so much critical on yourself
No one is judging your flaws
I wish you could see yourself
The way I see you”

Sigh. I looked up to him
Crossed my hands in a grumpy attitude
“How do you see me?”
He looks at me, holds my hands and said
“That you are the bravest girl I have ever met
That you don’t care what others think about you
All you do is to do your best
And prove to everyone who cares about the less
All you do was on how to achieve your dream
Even if everybody has a frown on their faces
That’s what makes you brave
That’s what makes you special
And that’s how I see you
A girl who never gives up despite of what the entire world says”
He smiled at me
“Lastly, you were always true to yourself
You say the things you want to say
Even if you think you make a fool of yourself
That’s the thing I truly admire about you
So what if you have flaws,
Everybody has flaws
It’s just up to you on how you’re going to handle yourself”
He looks at me straight into my eye
“And still remember those words you told me at the old kingdom
Those memories will forever be a part of my dreamscape”

“Hahaha… I was trying to lure you”

“It’s okay whatever you say”
As long as I heard those emotions straight from your heart”

“Ugggh! Here you go again!
Why are you saying those things again?
It gives me shivers!
Don’t you know how confused person I am?
If there’s something you want to say to me
Please do say it out loud!
Not give me some flowery explanations to make me fall for you!”

He kissed me into my forehead
“You really know how to make my heart pound
Here so you could feel what I truly feel
If you don’t like it, you can push me away”
He hugged me and once again I felt the warmth from his embrace
My heart it’s getting delirious 

“Queen Jenny!! Queen Jenny! The King……..
Ammm… am I interrupting something”
Shocked to this little girls voice
I pushed him and he started to walk away

“Of course not, what does the King wants?”

“The portal to your world has already open
You can now go home my dear queen!”
Home! I’m going home! Time to go back to reality
Day dreaming is almost over
I smiled at her and followed her to the king
As I passed through the castle walls
The knights bowed their head
As they wish me good luck
The king was waiting for me with a smile on his face
As I ran towards him and hugged him
“Don’t worry my child I am as strong as a metal!” he said
“I thought I would lose you!” I tear
“Of course you will never loose us,
They have been waiting for you to wake up”
Slowly, the castle elevated
And the ceilings opened
There, I have witnessed the hundreds of creatures
I have created with my imagination
And there is Jenkins, standing in front of me
As I tap her head and kissed her
“You are my hero Jenkins! Thank you!”
She licked my faced and talked to me through my mind
“No Jenny, you are our hero”
As the crowd applauds, a large vortex opened in the pink sky
“Are you ready to go back home?” the king asked
“Yes, I am”
As my tears suddenly drops into my cheeks
“I will all miss you! You don’t know how you guys meant to me”
The king hugged me and said
“As long as you keep us into your heart
We will always be here for you
We’re just one dream away”

As the portal slowly closes I yelled
“Thank you so much! I’m going to miss you Hardcore!”
I would never forget the happiness shown on their faces
Chris, the king, the kingdom, Jenkins, everyone
They’re really a part of my dreamscape
As the light shines on us
We stepped into the portal
And Chris shouted!
“I’ll be waiting for you”
As if the world started to get a little bit dizzy
I fell straight from my bed to the floor

BAM! “Jenny?? Jenny?? Are you alright?”
Ouch! My head
Oh my! I’m back! My bed! My room! My stuffs!
“Jenny! What’s that noise are you alright?”

I hurried towards the door and opened it
I hugged and kissed my mother
“Mom thank you so much for always believing in me
I love you, I love you!
I promise with all my might,
I will be the best daughter you will have
I promise mom,
I will make you proud!”

“Wow! That’s quite strange my princess,
But you’re already late for class”

“I do?”

“Yes, it’s already pass 7am”

“Okay Mom, I’ll take a bath!”
I closed the door and opened it once again
“Thank you so much Mom! I love you!”
“I love you too, come on dress up, you’re going to be late!”

I breathe the fresh air
And hurried up into class
I have never been so excited in my life
It was like a new beginning
And I know that there is someone waiting for me
That I can share my adventures with

As I ran into my class,
Feeling so happy
Then suddenly this boy ruining my happiness
Sends a crumpled paper AGAIN!

Irritated, I turn back and said
“What’s wrong with you?
If you want to say something blurt it out!”
But quite with my amusement
There he is smiling at me
“Honestly I really wanted to be your friend my queen!”

I turn to my table
All this time, Chris was behind me,
And I didn’t even know
I open the crumpled paper
With a message “I will always be right behind you”
My heart started to beat crazily
As he slowly kissed me on my cheeks
“I think we’re even”
I couldn’t help but to smile
Because I tell you this we’re just a part of all my daydreaming
Who would even know it would come true
I had the most wonderful adventure that I could share to all of you
And I finally found my prince, who is secretly watching me from a far
All I can say is never give up on something you really want
It doesn’t matter how many obstacles you may encounter
But as long as you believe in yourself you can achieve whatever dream you have
Just have a little bit of faith and trust and I’m sure you’ll go a long journey.

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