Monday, October 6, 2014

The K-Drama Dream

They say that dreaming are for sleeping but not for me. My best friend and I have been adoring Korea since were little kids. It's really fun watching Oppa's and Unnie's getting down from their school bus as they fall in line for the school's assembly. My best friend and I just love watching them from up high, since we're kids at those days, trying to remember it we seem to look like some past stories of famous Korean Drama's watching their oppa's from a far. The difference is, we don't have our oppas :D

By the time we left Saudi Arabia my dream of visiting South Korea began to unleashed when I have watched Princess Hours and dreamed that one day, I'll have the chance to visit those historical places and of course meet my idol Yoon Eun Hye :)  But my dream of visiting Korea slowly fades away when I focused myself on just studying and shy away from the beauty of K-Dramas :)

Now that I'm a bit older, my older best friend told me why not pursue the dream of visiting Korea, watched TV shows that shows Korea, watched K-Drama's or try to listen to their songs. And so I did!I have decided to put South Korea as one of the places I would love to visit in the future :) :) 

It's funny, because I'm already in my early 20's and I felt like I'm back once again to that little girl who wished and dream to see South Korea. I remember how me and my best friend gave all of our voices for shouting when Lee Min Ho visited the Philippines. Like OH MY GEE GOO JUN PYO IN FLESH! 

So to my dear readers, if there's one thing you would like to do, DO IT! Don't just sit there and wait for that moment to come. Make a move! Do whatever it takes to achieve your dream, it might take as if it is forever but at least you didn't gave up! Because of that dream of mine, I'm taking my feet to the grounds and start to walk little steps to achieve that dream of mine. 

Before I end my blog, I wanted to share to you some of the contests I have join just because of the free round trip to South Korea :) 

Speech Contest :)
Korea: My dream destination by Janine Kaye Rosales Bernabe
                Whenever someone asked me of what country do I want to travel aside from the Philippines, I simply answer them in less than a minute beauty queen answer. The country I would love to travel aside from the Philippines is South Korea.  Why! Because I want to ride on a cable car all the way to the Namsan Tower, to stroll on the streets of Myeong-dong and go window shopping, to experience being a princess while walking inside the Gyeongbokgung Palace, or to interact with hundreds of bear at the Teddy Bear Museum and lastly go fan girling to my favorite K-POP celebrity at the Busan Film Festival. Simply as that I supposed, but thinking about it, the places I just wanted to see is so far from one another that I need to ride a subway to experience all of them. But worst comes to worst, I need a plane ticket to visit my dream country.
                My Korean fascination started when I was living in Saudi Arabia, my best friend who lives at the Korean International School, first introduced me to the world of South Korea. I remembered how my best friend and I used to go sightseeing on their rooftop just to watched Korean students fall in line for their assembly, or watched them make high kicks during their taekwondo classes. And I guessed, by seeing them made me feel that I am a protagonist crushing on a main guy on a love story in a Korean Drama.
Fascinated, I started to know more about their customs and traditions, their country and its culture. Little by little, I try to study their language and of course watching Korean dramas and listening to their music has helped me learn more about them. I kept myself busy by exploring my eyes through different Korean sites and TV shows which displays the different tourist spots you would like to visit once you get there. Thanks to “Running Man” for advertising Korean Tourism.
                For others, it may be shallow and obscure, but the fantasy that Korean culture had given me made a connection between my soul and their “Seoul”.  It’s like it’s hypnotizing me to get inside the TV and say Annyeong Haseyo to everyone with matching hand heart shape, while saying Sarangheyo Korea! I even imagine myself being swept off my feet by Goo Jun Pyo, or run with a fugitive Ji woo, stay in a beautiful Full House with my superstar husband or being serenade by K-POP's beastly idols 2pm.
                Currently in weird and surreal state, but honestly aside from my fantastical dreams, I really wanted to get lost in the streets of Seoul, Busan or Incheon with only a map on my hand, a video camera on the other hand, a camera on my neck and a Dora style backpack on my back because this place will not just be some dream come true but something worth remembering that to the extent I would take a “We got Married” polaroid photo “selfie” and snap the different places Korean Dramas had taken place and record every beautiful memory I had with South Korea for my lifetime history.  
                And if one day, my Korean dream would happen, I would be the happiest girl in the world. I bet you’ll be feeling the same way I would feel once you visit your dream come country. The feeling of living the dream, no worries just pure fun.
                 So if there is someone who’s going to ask me which country I would like to visit I would simply answer the same South Korea, because I wanted to get away from reality and explore the place where my dreams began. Aja! Aja! Fighting!
                South Korea, wait for me okay! Arraso!


Hihihih... Oh how I wish someone would sponsor me so that I'll have the chance to visit Korea... Praying :) hihihi 

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