Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Glitter Cell phone case ;)

Because today is DIY day :) I have found some unused stuffs in my treasure chest hihihih...

Hello October! so it's time to get the room done. Cleaning the house down entails a lot of good memories! Hahahaha... Not to mention the stuffs you could see while cleaning. Since, DIY is my favorite thing to do, I have found some stuffs that needs to be used or else it will just fade its color and forever be forgotten :)

Decoden cell phone cases is a hip nowadays, and decoden cases is not as easy as 1,2,3 but maybe for others, it will take a lot of effort and of course creativity to make one's personalize item. Since it's my first time, I never thought it will be as back aching as the other DIY I'm making. I can say, if I'm going to buy stuffs from stores it will cost me too much, good thing I still kept some of my stuffs since I was in high school :) :) :) But don't you worry, making DIY cell phone cases is FUN FUN FUN! :) So without any further ado, here's my very own Glitter Cell Phone case :)

What you'll need is
1. Cell Phone case
2. Cabochons
3. Glitter Glue ( Mod Podge or Silicone)
4. Super Stick
5. Glue Gun

I made a research about the basic tools need for a decoden cases and this is basically what other crafter's had been using while making their silicone cases.

Since I don't have Mod Podge and Silicon, what I have used is Glitter Glue Stick which sticks way stronger than ordinary glue stick. 

I'm incredibly sorry for forgetting to take a picture of the complete details of making it because I was so excited about making my very first DIY case. Anyways, what I  first did was to arrange my Cabochons in the order I wanted it to be :) And then stick it the phone case using super stick.

(photo from 
pardon me from not having my own photo for this..... 

After I placed and stick my cabochons onto my cellphone case, I have covered some spaces of my cell phone case with Glitter Glue Stick :) 

After 3 to 5 minutes your cell phone case is already done :) 

Again, I'm really sorry for being so FAST PHASE again, but don't you worry I'll try making one of this again and I'll be posting the complete details of making one :) 

Since I'm a newbie in this, HAHAAHA,,, I made my other phone case into something I don't even know what it is. A melted down Ice candy :) hihihih....

Until our next DIY! Why spend too much on something if you can make one! :) 

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