Friday, September 26, 2014

Dreamscape by janine kaye

Dreamscape part 3

Someone or something had pulled me under
Then out of the blue
A hideous creature had come face to face on me
Its yellow eyes and scary fangs had brought into deep
Its hands holding me with grip
I was crying for help
But no one had hear me and then an echo 
“No one is going to save you from your own self”
That voice, where does it came from
Is it from the monster in front of me?
I cried please help me
I need to find my friend
I’ve lost him please, save him
“You’re going to save a person who’s going to betray you soon?”
“What are you talking about? He’s not going to do that?”
“Really, how can you be so sure? You don’t even know him?”
“Because I trust him, and I know that he trust me too”
“But trust can be broken; you can never change the fact that he will break your heart”
“I don’t care if that will happen, as long as I have his word I am willing to take risk!”
“Take risk huh?  What a lousy human being? Everyone in this world are traitor’s
That’s what you think remember,
That’s why you don’t have friends
It’s because you are scared that they would betray you
And there you go having this one boy at your side
All of a sudden your trust issues turn out to be different from the real world
What a pity? Don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you”
It looked at me with fierce
This feeling it’s drowning me
The pain of being alone kills me
I can’t breathe, I’m suffocating
Please stop! Please stop! Get away from me!
My whole body is trembling
It’s torturing me
The pain it’s over powering
Please stop this! I can’t do this anymore!
Help me!

“Jenny opened your eyes!”
I saw him reaching my hand
He saved me
The pain it’s all gone

“Jenny! Jenny! Hear me! Jenny!”
Coughs, I’m alive
I’m panting
I’m soaking wet

“I guess she was in deep sleep as the water of sorrow gets her”
A woman who’s skin is colored with blue and green
Her hair was dazzling red
She was like a nymph
“Hi, I am Charlotte, Queen of the sea.
It seems to me that you have a conversation with the deep blue sea”
Still weakened by what I had experience
I have remained calm through Chris arms
“What does the deep blue sea has to do with her” Chris asked
“The deep blue sea is the sea of all questions,
Questions that we are all afraid to ask
She is quite lucky because you are here to grab her
But if not, she could die because of the solitude the sea gives
And I guess the moon seal had joined powers with the sea
The seal has envy and anger
The same way the sea has and good thing she had you”

I stood up and pushed Chris away from me
I didn’t know why but I guess my body has its own emotions
“My queen, please tell me how to reach the end of this dream
I wanted to go home”
“My dear, it’s all up to you
Whether you wanted to finish this or not
I am just here to guide,
But everything is all about you”
And in the midst of the air the Queen fades away
Leaving light blue marks on the sea

As soon as we reached the place
I felt this extreme exhaustion
“Jenny’, are you alright?”
“Yes, I am, I’m just tired”
“Go and get some rest, I’ll be watching over you”
“Thank you for saving me”
That’s the last word I have said to him
Before I almost close my eyes
The clouds had struck its lightning
The wind started to get stronger
The wave of the sea gets harder
The light had fade away
As I was trying to walk
I know that someone’s out there
Its speed was so fast
It was like a frightening hour
The bushes had move
I checked out and no one was there
There’s a shadow in the middle of the moonlight
It has wings like an eagle
It’s face was like a wolf
Its eyes were red
Its scent was pure horror
Its aura was so dark that I barely see it
“It was nice to see you again my dear Queen”
That voice, I heard it from somewhere
“Well, being face to face with you irritates me”
“Who are you?”
The darkness had blinded the light
I can’t see a thing
“Who am I?”
I know that voice
That voice is the same voice I heard on the woods and on the sea
And slowly she walked toward me,
It wasn’t an eagle or a wolf


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