Monday, September 29, 2014

Miss Tourism World Philippines

Miss Tourism World Philippines.... 

Like huwaaat??? 

I myself couldn't believe that I have made it here. I have stand in front of a crowd wearing a swimwear and to be judged by other people on how I look or how I walk. I was there?!?!?!  When I was young, they tried telling me to be a part of a beauty contest, and all I do was to say NO! I don't want to!? But look wher

The thing is, beauty pageants is not a big deal for me, it seems overwhelming. All those glamorous gowns, shoes, swimwear is too much. Here am I couldn't believe what happen, but the girl who never like those things is now a beauty queen. Funny isn't it. 

I am really awkward and shy, I have a lot of thoughts about myself whether I could do this or not, I was complaining that why in the world did I do this, I had a hard time approaching people, and worst I just can't put my mouth out there and say what I wanted to say. I felt that everything seems to be wrong.
But who cares!I was there, standing on the largest stage at MOA arena and I was a part of Ms. Tourism World Philippines. I stood up and feel every single moment of the pageant. I may not have the chance to gladly smile with glee because I have the crown, but I am extremely happy (define happy!!) and blessed because I can say that I am proud of myself, I did it! Even if the whole world thinks I could not make it, I believe in myself, I took a stand and hold on to my courage. I have beat all those crazy voices banging on my ear that I couldn't make it.
The whole experience was a blast. I would never forget all my new friends who shared the same experience as I have in this competition... Friends I hope you won't forget your Ate okay 
All I can say is just be yourself, keep the faith and everything would follow. Don't listen to what people will say, listen to your heart, because it will lead you to the happiness you won't possibly imagine. 
HAHAHAHA (feeling nanalo lang ung speech ko) Anyways, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all you and of course to My Almighty God and Savior, Jesus Christ, thank you for holding my hand so I won't trip and fall, I offer everything to you  I love you 

So I'll be sharing some of the photos for all of you to see :)

The talent Portion :)

Before I say good bye, I just wanted to remind you, yes you, to never stop believing in the power of your dreams, to explore your horizons and to enhance your talents and don't let anyone pull you down!. Because you'll never know where it's going to lead you. Again, never lose the faith, and enjoy everything you do! :) 

"Don't be afraid to ask for help, to make mistakes or embarass yourself because it's all a learning process to get better." -WhitneyLau

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