Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dreamscape by janine kaye

A new story begins here....

Dreamscape Part 1

I was running so fast
In that deep dark forest
All I heard was my own breathing
A large lion came out of nowhere
Trying to stop me from escaping
I have nowhere to go,
But it was too late, he’s near me
As I closed my eyes with fear
I can’t move, I feel frightened
The lights blinding me
I opened my eyes
People staring at me,
It was that very moment
When I was about to say my original piece
But I was locked in to the perception of horror
Voices everywhere, as it grew louder
And in a blink of an eye
I fainted…….

I stare at the four walls of my room
I was breathless; I can still feel the exhaustion from my dream
Those lights, those people, those voices
I could never forget the day I opened my eyes into day dreaming
My mom, used to tell me that she was a daydreamer herself too
Sometime she would skip meals to dream the impossible dream
And I guess I got that trait from her.

I was never the bright child
Nor the center of attraction
But instead I was the complete opposite
I am the girl who was never seen
I don’t mind, if I have no friends
Because it’s better to have no one than to get hurt
The feeling of being in solitude
Simply loose me from being on the road
All I do was to sit alone in a corner
Read my books, fantasize and enter myself into a never ending story.
According to this species called “Bullies”
I am the only member of the so called “Freak Show”

I guess that they have a very lousy imagination
How can they not see? I am a Queen in this lost time
I used to raise my hands to be heard
But everyone thinks I’m a piece of trash
And there is this one classmate of mine who’s sitting behind me
Used to pass message on a crumpled paper?
And get pissed when I pass it to the wrong person.

Somehow this is my everyday life
I go to school, I go home, I go to school, I go home
Never changing phases
Never ending triumphs
In the middle of the day
I used to think who would ever like a girl like me.
There is this one place that I used to hang out
Lie down and started to dream about my future.

The breeze of the air touches my skin
As the rays of lights shines above me
The birds singing their unforgettable tune
As the sea dances on their own beat

“My Queen, My Queen” an echoing voice awakens me
“My Queen, I have been searching all over for you”
A boy kneeling down from me,
With eyes as blue as the sea
And with hair as gold as the sun
What an innocent face he has?
“My Queen, are you alright? The crowd is waiting for you!”
What is he saying “Queen”?”
I am no queen, I’m just here taking a nap
And all of a sudden
“What are you talking about?” I asked
“What am I talking about? You my Queen, the crowd is waiting for your arrival?”
Oh I am so dreaming!
How can a lonely girl like me be a queen?
This is so good to be true
“You know what I’m done with dreaming so you can leave now,
I have no time playing games with you sir!”
As I stood up,
I witness that the clouds where all in pink
And the grass was never green, it was purple!
And the sea was no longer blue but yellow.
I stumbled, what’s going on?
I stare at this young gentleman in front of me
He was just eyeing on me
Not saying a word but just staring

“Who are you? And what is this place?”
“I am Chris at your service my queen,
And this place is your kingdom.”
He said with a smile on his eyes

“Okay, I am no queen,
Nor this is my kingdom.
I’m just a girl,
Who loves to take naps in this area?
So please, tell me honestly
What in the world is this place?”

“Well, to answer your question, may I?”
He stands up, lend his hands to me
As he started talking,
What a beautiful creature?
His hair glows as the sun shines on it
His eyes, it’s as if I am drowning in the deep blue sea
And the way he talks
It’s so mesmerizing
I never understand the words he uttered
But his voice makes my soul dance like butterflies

Arrg! What am I thinking?
There’s no time for day dreaming in a place like this
Everything seems to be different from the way it’s supposed to be
And here I am fantasizing about this boy I don’t even know

“This is your kingdom” and that’s it
That’s the only thing I have heard in his long explanation
As I look around
I see things that I have knew I saw before

The cats, were like huge lions protecting the kingdom
And there are fairies
Maintaining the beauty of the place
And mermaids!
Singing this amazing tune of love
And the pirates!
Are dancing with smile on their faces
Wait a second I am really dreaming
Bump! “Oh I’m sorry my dear queen!”
Creeps the bird is the same height as I do
And it talks!!!
“That’s Mr. Gunter! He’s one of the finest bird warriors in your kingdom!”  He whispered
In the middle of the crown I heard someone screaming
And It’s not someone, it’s a………….. REINDEER!
“The Queen has arrived!” as the trumpets and drums started playing
“I guess we should now move my queen” he said
“Can you explain to me again, why am I here?
And why are this people in their strange costume?”
As I pass by, each creature gave me flower necklaces
It’s as if I am a Hollywood star and they are my fans
I am really dreaming!

I covered my ears and eyes
Not wanting to see or hear anything from this world
I am a bit frightened with I am seeing
That I can’t help but to cry
Chris removed my hands from my eyes and ears
And whispered onto my ear “Look everybody is smiling at you
They are happy with your arrival;
They have been waiting for you for a long time
And look how you beautiful your empire is
So stop crying, don’t worry I’ll always be behind you”
I wiped my tears away as I witness the dazzling creatures of this monarchy
I knew I saw them from somewhere but I just don’t know where.
I have reached the castle covered with diamonds and gems
As a old man approaches me and greeted me with a hug
“Welcome back my Queen” he said
“Oh you can call me Jenny!” I said
“Jenny! I have never heard of that name in a long run!” he smiled
What does he mean?
Oh my! Did I forget to listen to Chris again?
“I am sorry to ask but may I know who are you?”
“Silly child I am the King of this kingdom?”
“Oh my, are you?”
“Of course not, do you really think we could make a good couple?”
“Hah! I’m just a bit curious!”
“I guess you have been sleeping on a very long time”
“Sleeping? What do you mean?”
“Chris haven’t you explained everything to her?”
“I did sire! But I guess the young Queen is not paying attention on me”
“Come my dear, I need your full attention on this”

As I entered into the palace walls,
It was covered with ice and snow,
As the gold and silver combined into snowflakes patterns
And the diamonds and gems served as the Knights and Shinning armor of the palace.
It was shinning as bright as a star
It was so magical
All I can feel is warmth and satisfaction
I have been in this place before
But I just don’t know how

“Trying to remember something my Queen?” the King asked
“This place is just so delightful, from the knights to the walls to the pink throne!
This is so amaze!” I said cheerfully

“Of course, you made this!” the king said
“Huh? Okay! I guess I am day dreaming to much!
Can you please pinch me so that I could wake up?
My mom’s not going to be pleased if she finds out I’m dreaming again”
And he pinched me from my left arm
“See you’re not dreaming my queen” Chris said.

“Okay, since you don’t believe about what you are seeing,
This is your palace. You made this all by yourself.
You said that this is the dream that you always wanted
That people surrounds you is different from the actual world.”

“I’m a bit confused? What are you saying I made this?”

“You’re inside your dreamscape Jenny”

Dreamscape, what in the world am I doing here?
What is he saying I built this place?
I never had the creativity in me to do something like this
And the creatures outside this castle walls,
Are all my doing?
How can that possibly be?

“Dreamscape is where your dreams are written
It is a place between the real world and the fantasy
It’s a place where dreamers like you call it a sanctuary
Everything you see in here encompasses your own dreams” the king explained

“Ammm I still don’t understand,
Does this mean that you, he and everything in this place is unreal?”

“Yes my dear Queen” the king smiled

“But how does that happen?”

“Like I said this is your dreamscape,
You created all of us in your dreams.
Let’s make it a little easy for you to understand”
He took a small notebook in his pocket
“See this; I’m going to turn one drawing into reality”
A large lion sprouted from the notebook
I freeze; I can’t move the lion that was once chasing me
Is actually in front of me
All I see is anger in his eyes
He’s going to hit me with his paws
My Queen
And slow motion was seen onto my very eyes,
The lion from the notebook is going to kill me
But Chris saved me; he didn’t care if he’s going to get hurt
He was embracing me
And all I did was to cover my face in his jacket.

“Appregiosentomaso!”  A spell that could stop movement
“I’m sorry my queen for scaring you,
It’s not my intention
I just wanted you to see what you have created.” The king said
I look up to Chris, slowly stand up
“What I created? You made this lion get out of his notebook
And this is what I have done? What are you talking about?”
Tears just came out from my eyes
“The lion have seen fear in your eyes,
It manipulated the way it moves
Like I said you are in your dreamscape
What you think is what you actually see?
You see the lion in a threatening phase
And didn’t see its heart
You are what you dream
And this lion is what your fears are”

He took the small notebook once again
And burn it with his own hands
Little by little together with the burning notebook
The lion who was once fearless burn like a piece of paper.

“To add up, once your dream is been touched by someone else
Just like this notebook it will all burn down to failures and sufferings
But it is up to you to change it
That no matter how many people tried stealing your dreams you should hold on to it”

I was stunned with what I have heard
I wanted to cry so much but I know it wouldn’t help the situation
I am trap in my own dreams
And I am here to save it? From who?
Who is he referring to someone?
How can I escape my own fate?

I once look at the king
And look back at Chris
They are the only humans in this place
The rest are all mere fantasies
Is it true that I made them?
That by the time someone touches them
They would forever be forgotten

“How can I survive in this place?”
I asked the king
“Without any fear from the heart my child
You can surpass all the obstacles that will be going your way.
Like I said this is your dreamscape
You can change things on your own way”

I looked down as I walk out of the castle
Studied each and every one I made
Their joys and happiness
It’s all heartwarming
I don’t want to ruin this kingdom
Because I am always frightened

As the clock ticks at 5pm
The pink skies turn into dark and gloomy weather
The wind whispered into our very soul
The black silhouettes came out from nowhere
As the gem and diamond knights released their swords
The creatures started to aim with their arrows
The pirates and the mermaid worked together as one
The fairies covered the castle with shield
Everyone circled around me to protect me
And there is Chris and the King covering me with their bodies
What’s happening I scream?
But no one had ever heard me.

“Well, well, well, look who has come back into the castle walls?”

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