Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just Sewing :)

Howdy friends! Another Sewing mode for me. I was thinking of a logo I can put to my Dainty Pink page, which you can find on this blog later. So I decided to make drawings of different things I like :) Well, it didn't workout the way I wanted it :)

Well after months of doodling in an unreasonable manner, I have decided to make my very own Sailormoonchaser/Dainty Pink Logo as a Cat :) Not to mention I love Cats. I remember how my teachers and friends tell me, that one day I'll grow some whiskers and I'll be a cat forever! 

 I have mentioned in this blog about my new cat name Chloe, and if you noticed my watermark you can see a cat and a girl above my name Janine.
So I decided to take them out of the drawing paper and make them real :)

Making Chloe entails a lot of work :) Making her eyes and her Piano stripes and all is made almost 2 to 3 hours. The reason of her Piano stripes and Pink color and of course the crown is because I love playing the piano, as I love color pink and the crown simply explains that I wanted to be a princess when I grow up.

Then I made Chloe's friend Kate. Kate somehow close to my name Kaye :) 
here she is :) 

Chloe and Kate :) My new DaintyPink/Sailormoonchaser characters :)

Here are some of the feltpapers stuffs I have made :) 

Adventure time

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