Friday, July 7, 2017

THOUGHTS: Long Distance Friendship

It’s been almost 2 years since me and my childhood bff part ways (huwaaat!). Well not dramatically part ways, she’s in Australia, I am here in the Philippines. Even if we’re miles apart, we still find ways to check up on each other and send “I miss you” and “I love you” occasionally.

We have also been in this Long Distance friendship way back; after finishing college, she went back to Saudi Arabia to work. Despite of having different time frames, we manage to still video call one another, still made fun with what’s within our surface and constantly fangirl about the Jonas Brothers! (yes they were our boyfriends before hahahaa)

It’s funny how it all began to happen again. I was trying to stop my tears when I hug her and told her see you soon, I was super strong to hold it in, and my tears suddenly fell when we wave at each other good bye! It’s not really the end of everything but the missing feels part is such a hardship!

Even if the time we talk has lessen through time, I never felt that something was missing nor something was broken. I always waited patiently on every picture post on her instagram and like everything to tell her how much I miss her, and would bug her with messages randomly and say Hello!

Both of us would even send photos to one another just to tell one another that “We’re basically doing fine! And I am happy seeing you happy!”

Honestly, growing apart is helping the two of us grow. She’s taking her masters in Australia, while I am doing everything to hone my crafts and one day (tomorrow) I will land a job that could enhance more of my skills!

We have different likes and dislikes, we have different ambitions in life, but we manage to stay align with our hopes and dreams for one another! You just need to find time, quality (internet) moments, new things to do and a reminder to one another that you’ll just be here no matter what even if the sea had separated you!

I miss you uNNie! :D See you really SOOOOON! <3

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