Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cafe Bonitas!

Costa Coffee!
UK's best Coffee! Horray for a first timer! Oh aroma! I never liked coffee nor was satisfied by it’s taste but this Costa Coffee had got me covered! As a chocolate lover, Costa coffee had offered coffee’s that will suit your taste buds (no kidding! Well, Ice cold coffee). The vicinity of the London Vibe made me so happy since London was also one of my dream destinations in the future. So taking a sip of their coffee made me feel as if I was there!

My best friend and I went on a date to try and taste their coffee! Since my best friend is a super coffee lover, both of us tried what Costa Coffee could offer, and we are satisfied! We also tasted one of their sandwiches, and since we are too hungry, (HAHAHAHA) everything went well with our taste buds.

quick snap!

Not to mention their free coffee stubs until July 31, 2017
Photos taken from UPTOWN Katipunan and Ortigas Robinsons.

Café Aquatica
Aquarium Café! I know it’s quite over reacting, but their café looks like you’re inside a smaller Ocean Park, like literally smaller. There are aquariums with different types of fishes at every table, their background music was like hypnotizing you (like mermaid songs), their waiters are really friendly, and they would even explained what drink your taking.

So basically, we tried this blue tea that changes color once you put lemon into it. And we are so amazed as if we are watching magic from our very eyes! I don’t know how to explain the taste when it’s blue (it felt like it was a bit bitter and taste like real pure tea), but when it was added some lemon it tasted like lemonade! No tea taste!
YAP! With some magical video featuring this pretty lady!

:D For our meryenda, we tried this squid rings! It’s okay the taste was like squid hehehehe…

Located at Promenade, Greenhills
Cafe Aquatica also sells fish! You can check them out tooooo! 

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