Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Howdy Friends! Here I am again with my newest hobby to share! I have always loved doing crochets ever since. Making crochet cell phone cases are one of the easiest things I have done with my yarns, but that was way way back when I was schooling. Crochet school projects makes me excited by I'm just so lazy to do it!

I love crochets but was never into making it into a full blast hobby. But out of the blue I was just inspired by my favorite artist Oh Seung Ah from Rainbow to make more art from yarn.

(Hihih.. Fangirl Alert!)

During my birthday month, I just took time cleaning my craft box and saw some of my yarns when I was still in high school. Instead of stocking them for longer time in my box, I have decided to do some creations out of my yarns! And I have been doing this for almost two months! (This is MADNESS!)

It all started with this cute beanie for my little Chloe, Mark and baby :) Learned some few stitches from Flying Mio's ( DIY Crochet Mint Bear  Cozy Travel mug :) You can check out some of her DIY's on her YT account :D

After learning some basics, I started making my very first crochet scarf! Took me weeks to finish it since I was a bit busy, well, I guess I'm also so lazy to do it!:) Hihihih... Made it with all the love in the world! hahaha :D

And then back to Amigurumi plushies! I'm just a little bit scared that the acrylic paint I used for their eyes will be removed, so I am really quite unsure about the acrylic. But it gave life to their eyes :) 

I also made a Chloe amigurumi version hihihii :)

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