Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Childhood Friend's wedding: Dress and Maidens

Howdy! :)
The Dress

Here I am again bragging, I mean blogging about my childhood friend's wedding and it will be happening on the 16th! Why in the world am I so excited when I am not the one whose going to be there to say my wedding bows :) I mean vows :D tehheeee

So during the long break, we had talks about  adding some additional skirt to her dress. I took some little sketches and ended up just adding a literal skirt :) Thank goodness my mom can sew! 

(here I am trying to make some adjustments)

(and kind of trying it on!)

Charan! :) 

 For the maidens!
Since Bouquets are a bit expensive, the bride and I had resolved to flower bracelets that can be used in different ways. (Made it myself) It may be a neck accessory, a hair band or a bracelet. Every maiden had been assigned with different colors, just like the rainbow or a peacock color. As the maid of honor, I pretty much insisted I go with Pink! hahahaha :)

Until my next post! :) The wedding day! :)

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