Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Childhood friend's Wedding:Invitations and Souvenirs

The first Preparation! :)

My childhood friend is going to get married with her Prince Charming within few weeks. As the maid of horror, (hahaha), I am in charge of being creative :) 

My DIY impulse was all over the place that I went crazy thinking of the best way to describe this couple! At first, I was thinking of making cute rabbits, I was inspired by their love for Bunnies :) And Bunny is their term of endearment. I also thought of League of Legends, since they also both love gaming. There are so many things going through my head that it's going to pop!

After so many scratches, and drawing, I ended up drawing them, but in a kawaii way. Julie loves back hugs, I remember the time when I went third wheeling, she just loves putting her arms on top of Dan's shoulder. 
Hello Julie and Dan :) I somehow managed to make it a little bit like them. Julie, who's well known for her chinky eyes, Dan's dark circle eyes, Julie's love for short hair and Dan's hairstyle that I couldn't describe(all I know it's a boy's hair style).  I was about to use their favorite colors, but ended up using color yellow and green. Yellow since, it's the first color that could capture your eyes, and also means happiness. While Green means progress and prosperity. Just like my wish for the two of them, may their love for one another progress with prosperity and pure happiness :) Hihihihihi brrrr :D

The making of the Invitation :) 
I have sent a lot of inspiration for their invitations and made one as well. 
The first one I made was this one. Since they both love games. But since this couple are incredibly simple, I made another one without any other designs :)

And this is what they have approved :)

Hello Invitations! :) 

Followed by their Handmade key-chain souvenirs :) I asked my friend if she would like it to follow with their invitation. When we're kid's she always tell me that she would want something that her friends and family would never forget (Like the expression "Oh we got this from Julie's wedding). Something unique and a bit different from the usual souvenirs. 

Some touches from the future husband and wife :)
Hello Souvenirs! :)

I guess I am utterly excited about her wedding which is going to be on the 16th! And all I could think of is "Here comes the bride" :) 

My current feelings right now is unknown!! I just can't wait to see her in that white dress getting so excited to meet her prince charming! :)

Until my next wedding post! :)


  1. Yeah it is a great feeling to attend Childhood friend's Wedding. Isn’t it? My childhood friend Liza got married in the last month and I was extremely happy to attend their chic beachside bohemian themed ceremony that held at one of the New York venues.