Friday, October 16, 2015

The Wedding!

And Now I Hear the Bells! :)

Congratulations to the newly wed couple! Can't believe that this day had finally come, and you guys have set a new day to conquer the journey of the married life. Time really flies, from dreaming of Peter Pan, Prince Charming, Prince and Princess, Lovely Maiden, you guys have already found your "The Once Upon a Time"

This is really is it!:) 

Two days before the wedding, I was kinda worried about being late to the event. Since I lived miles away from her house I can't just grasp how many hours or minutes will it take me to travel. But as soon as the day had already come, time had suddenly burdened me when the clock strikes at 5:30. 
Nevertheless my mom and I arrived on time:) hihihi....

I'll be posting few photos of the day since some photos are meant for surprise :) hihih...I'll be posting almost everything soon! But for now, here are some snapshots of my best friend's wedding :D


The lovely bride :D

Look at those smiles!

Officially Mr. and Mrs. De Plata

Le Familia and Friends :)


I couldn't help but to smile seeing this two super in love with one another. I couldn't help but to feel as if this two are just playing couples, and just practicing how a wedding is supposed to be. After months of preparation, they have each other to hold on too. From two human beings, fell in love, and now preparing for the next adventure in their life as husband and wife. This long message couldn't express how happy I am that you guys have found each others heart. Congratulations Dan and Julie!

The Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor :)

My simple wedding gift for the newly weds! :)

My handmade Souvenir :D

Once again congratulations Unnie! :) Don't worry, even if you're already in the sea of married life, I'll always be here to talk to you when you're bored at night :) May this love lasts till your hair turns to gray. And I hope that you guys would have a prosperous life together as one! :)
From your little radcliffe girl :)

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