Tuesday, November 17, 2015


They said that the only thing I could do is dream.
To sit and stare at the stars wishing for those dreams to fall in front of me. 

The thing is, they never knew how battle-some this journey was. 
I travel with HOPE in my heart 
and Never stop even if rain gets by.  

They blew me away with criticisms and rejections
Will never ever be successful because I was weak.
Thinking of a disease that couldn't be cure
So they brush me away as if I never occur.  

Despite everything, I still look up in the sky and smile brightly
He's gentle yeses, guide me through this whirlwind storm of doubts
I was almost drowning with this fears and sorrows
But He blew me again, with strength, courage and Hope on my sleeves. 

Hope, what a beauty?
It makes everyone feel so Alive
HOPE... can blinded the simplest joy I could have
HOPE... Makes me hold on
but HOPE can also make me fade out.... 
But here I am again, staring at those stars
Forgetting all those scars 
Starting back again
and will always be ready for another storm to come....

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