Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Road to Happily Ever After :)

July 30, 2014 were all her fairy tales came true. One of my ate's and kuya's finally made a vow to one another and will start their new life as the new Mr. and Mrs. Palacious. Can I say my tears almost fell when I saw Ate Sarah walk down the aisle and witness how beautiful and happy she is; and the groom, kuya Angelo, on the other hand who's waiting for his bride, broke down to tears as he witness her so beautiful in white :)

I have known Ate Sarah when I was a kid, Idol ko nga siya eh! We spend sleepless nights on Obhur just talking and talking nonsense, wait for the sun to rise and jump at the pool! And I could remember when the time she told us she's bringing her boyfriend to our very 1st reunion. As her juniors, we we're all ecstatic on meeting him! Seriously, Kuya Angelo made tons of laughs to all of us, hindi man lang kami nahiya sa kanya! He's like one of us! Parang taga-Jeddah din! Years and years, we witnessed their love and still go "kilig" whenever we see them. They're the symbol of one true love :)

After years of waiting, the time had finally come when the both of them are ready to set their I do's! So I'm sharing to you the photo's, well some photo's we have taken from the newlyweds and how they told us to believe in one true love! :)
snapshot with the newlyweds!:)

Getting ready!

Hello Mr. Groom! 
The Bride and her Parents 

with their special guest Mr. Martin Nievera

Honestly speaking, I never liked weddings, I just love the moment but never the whole wedding scenario. But I guess it's way way different when you saw the person who's close to you walking down the aisle so happy and in love and sometimes it makes you believe in happily ever after. Thank you ate and kuya for sharing your love story to all us and thank you for making me realize again that fairy tales do exist! I Love with all my heart Momma and Poppa! :)

but first let me take a threeFie :)

You can also check ze link of ze AVP I made for them here: (Kasama kang tumanda) (perfect two)

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