Monday, July 28, 2014

DIY: Wire me knot! :)

Hello DIY! :)

Wired Beaded Bracelet :)

What you'll need
1. Gauge Wire
2. Jewelry Wire
3. Beads 
4. Plies

1. Cut the wire according to the size of your wrist

2. Connect the wire by twisting it's ends. 

3. Form it like this :D

4. After forming your wire, wrap your bracelet with Jewelry wire

5. Then fill them with your beads. You can use any type of beads for this, but since this are the only beads I found on my drawer so I obviously use this.

6. After filling your bracelet, tie a knot to secure your bracelet, or twist it on it's sides. 

Tananan! Your Beaded Wire Bracelet is done :)

All I can say is this bracelet is a bit "matrabaho" (has a lot of work to do). Especially when putting your small beads to your jewelry wire. But once you've finished making them, it's worth a lot of effort!

You can also put charms on the middle just like the photo on the very beginning! Why spend so much on accessories if you can make one! So until our next DIY! :) Thank you for taking time reading my blog! :)

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