Sunday, July 27, 2014

DIY: Pearl Bracelet

Howdy friends! Here I am with my new DIY. :)

Momma's Old Pearl Bracelet: all I can say is, this DIY is extremely easy, all you need is some old pearls and some additional accessories :) I guess, I don't need to explain how this thing goes but here are the pictures for you to see :)

What you'll need
1. Pearls 
2. Elastic Thread
3. Old Metal Bracelet/connectors
4. Scissor

note: If your metal connectors had design on both sides. make sure that you put them according to their pattern. Like the other side is facing on the right and the other one is facing on the left. 

Tanan!! Hello New Pearls!

And here are some of the Pearl DIY's I made this past few months :D 

Why spend so much on accessories if you can make one! Thank you for your time reading my DIY :) 

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