Monday, March 10, 2014

Notions... Notions... Notions :)

 I have been seeing tons of flower crowns all over the malls and little girls love and adore this kind of accessories. But not only young girls had been attracted to this but girls my age too! So I decided to make one today and here I am again with my quick DIY flower crown :)

What you'll need :) 

1. Wire
2. Crepe Paper
3. Flower Pieces
4. Scissor
5. White Tape

First, shaped your wire around your head.
Then, taped the ends of the circle to assure your circle and so that you won't get pricked once you put your crepe paper and flowers on the side. Put your notions on the place where you wanted it and wrapped your crown with a crepe paper. 

And taran!!! Here you go! Your very own flower crown :) You can be more creative than this :) this is just a mini guide for girls like me who loves to make new stuffs from the old :) 
PS. to secure your crepe paper on your crown, make sure to put a paste on every turn :) okidoki! 

thank you guys for taking your time reading my blog! :) See you on our next DIY :D

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