Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My dear speech :)))

Graduation Ceremonies is almost over....It's been one happy month to see friends and family posting their Best Grad Pic/moments (and i'm so proud to see all of you wearing your togas and receiving your diplomas! CONGRATULATIONS AMIGOS ANDAMIGAS!). Imagine how fast time flies.... I can also feel that same way when I first posted my Graduation Picture.... I remember my uncle said "FIREWORKS!"... Firework display of happiness and fulfillment... it was one EPIC FINALE for me... a Finale of all the struggles and hardships of being in school, a gift that I can give to my mom, the Finale wave of college ends here and the next chapter of my life will soon be starting.... 

Before Graduation, all I have in mind is simply to graduate; but as soon as I step my foot forward, I get this shiver all over my body "What will Happen Next?"...... Here's the thing, you just don't sit in your class thinking about what food your going to eat on dinner, what to draw on your notebook because you are bored, what time will this subject end or what topic you and seatmate will be talking when your professor is not looking.... because Kids, after college, it's much more tougher than you thought.... "I know what is like outside the school walls" well it's better said than done things is not as easy as what you have in school... in the outside world, your this one tiny fish in a huge fish tank... I'm not scaring you or something but lets face it after graduation the steps to adulthood begins...

HAHAHAHAHA... to end this message I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS again friends! To each and everyone who's on their way to their dreams... thou shall not give up on what you really want! Even if the WHOLE WORLD says no, all you have to do is stand up and FOLLOW YOUR HEART! AJA AJA FIGHTING!!!!! :)

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