Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Girl and Her wand by Janine Kaye

She grew up with a touch of dreams
and figure out life isn't what it seems.
Her world was different from others
and everyone is beautiful and a bunch of heirs.
She was totally odd and stoic
nothing about her seems fun and realistic.
So her fairy-godmother guided her
in a life she thought was unfair.
She said "A wand is what you'll need
It will give everything you seek
But dear be patient
Not everything will be answered in just one click"
Every night, she patted and swish,
Closed her eyes as she wish
"I know I could
I know I would
Oh please my dear wand make my dreams come true
I promise I'll be patient and never question you"
As the little wand beautifies with light
A magic that seems to be right.......

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