Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bloggers United 2017

Define 1st timer! I have always wished that one day I’ll be able to attend Bloggers United and yesterday (December 9, 2017) was the day! Special thanks to mah pretty senpai for the guest list tickets!! :D #JustgotLUCKY

Despite of not knowing were World Trade Center is, my mom and I still went on a long trip adventure (DULO TO DULO! As in from FARview to PASAY) syempre to show support to Ashlllleeeeeeyyy!! Ana!! And Ava!! (fangirling)  

But the traffic was definitely HARDCORE!! Umalis kami ng bahay tirik na tirik ung araw, dumating kami sa World Trade palubog na siya! I was so tense because the free tickets was only till 4pm and it was pass 4pm when we came! Good thing Ate girl from the booth still gave us our free passes despite of being late! God Bless you ate!

And so hello Nana Komatsu!! Ashley Dy pala! :) Her booth has so many kawaii items unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to take picture kasi sobrang naexcite ako naabutan ko pa siya!!!  Buti nalang napicturan ko ung tarp niya!!!

Hello Sunbae! Super quick snapshot with the one and only Anagon! So happy to see you again! Not just that! I also had the chance to see and meet some bloggers at the event as well!

with Bea Benedicto! 

with Farah Espina!

Aggy Nuguid :D<3

There’s a lot of stuffs at the bazaar, so many outfits, bags, accessories to choose on! There are also booths with almost sold out items! Everybody had their smile on their faces!

Not just that we also had the chance to do some cross over to the main bazaar! Were you can definitely see everything Busog na busog ang mata mo! From different types of food to choose from, to pasalubongs, clothes, kitchenware, designer stuffs, celebrity booth to Christmas decorations everything is almost there! You just really need to look for what you really want and need!

The event was super fun! It was memorable for me! hihihihi Again special thanks Ash for making this little dream of mine come true! To more and more events from you!! Super Power Hug!
super happy na nagustuhan nio ung cookies ko! BOW! 

                                                           PS>   HAUL! (Korean sounds!)
matagal ko ng gusto nito! thank you thank youAggy! :) 

hahaha yes, dumayo kami ng world trade para sa paborito kong sardinas! Hello po Papa P!Ang sarap pagmasdan ng mukha nio sa sandok! lagi na po akong gaganahan kumain!

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