Tuesday, December 19, 2017

11 reminders to have a happy a life!

As older people say, it’s easy to say that you are happy. That you are accepting the facts of what life has given you. Just by seeing the simplest things you are bound to be happy. But is it? Sometime we contest the meaning of happiness well in fact it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world aside from Love. Sometimes we give meanings to every person who answered I am Happy because of their tone of voices But The answer is yes, it’s easy to be happy! Yes, there are sadness but don’t trap yourself there. Happiness is mount not by the material things life offers, its way beyond materialistic values, way beyond the explanation of just HAPPY. But a lot deeper and a lot better. 

In order to be truly happy I have listed this things as a reminder of how I can make my life’s journey go smooth sailing despite of the bumpy road  I hope this could help you to! :) 

1.       Accepting/ believing yourself – whether it’s your flaws, positive attributes or just being you. Learning to accept yourself has bound to connect certain positivity in life and connect with others. Because YOU CAN DO IT! No one is perfect, you just need to believe and accept who you are and everything would go into place.

2.       Appreciation – appreciate the little things in life, everything that happens around you are miracles that you must enjoy. You are alive and breathing, the sun is shining upon you, or the wind is embracing you. Enjoy and breathe in!

3.       Priorities- set your priorities straight, what do you want to do in life, make a list, and slowly little by little try to achieve it, there would be bumps along the way but don’t give up.

4.       Balance- know that in life we need balance, whether it’s time for your job, time for your friends and family, and time for yourself. Sometimes we do need some Me time, or bonding time, it’s all about finding that steadiness
5.       Books- another way to release yourself from the real world is by reading books, not just adventure, romance or horror but also inspirational books (likeThe Power of Positive Thinking by Peale, Paano ba to by Bianca Gonzales, The happiness project by Gretchen Rubin or Chicken Soup), it would make you step in into different characters of life. They said that you are a different person on every book you read at the same time Inspired after opening every chapter and ending a happily ever after.

6.       Do something new every day – Whether it’s a new hobby, a music to listen or a movie to watch, go on an adventure, the little things we do everyday are miracles that was grace upon us. Do the things on your list and make every dream of yours remarkable! J

7.       Forgiveness- forgive the people who had caused you pain, forgive yourself for the wrong decisions you make, because without forgiveness you can never move forward. Make peace with yourself.

8.       Do not worry – being always worry can lead us into wrong decisions and paths in life, we must let it go, be spontaneous and be reminded to let the world spin on you.

9.       Family and friends – they are the people who knows us better than we know ourselves, the people who would cheer you up despite of the long days of work or stress, they are the people you need to stay close with because they are one of the reason that would brighten your day.

10.   Pray – when you think that there’s no one to cry on or hold on, pray, He’s listening. Seek for that light of hope, seek for that happiness untold, for He would give the things you needed the most.

11.   Be grateful – lastly to be grateful, to be appreciative (#2), to be thankful for the life you have, for every day is always a new day to be happy and to be kind. 


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    1. Hello Gabrielle! Thank you for appreciating my KDRAMA looks! I will post more of it soon! :) Thank you for your time reading my blog! :)

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