Saturday, April 15, 2017

St. Andrews Kim Taegon Parish and Parokya Sto. Cristo Church

Before Holy Week Ends, here’s a short blog about the last church me, my siblings and my cousins went to. On Black Saturday my cousin’s went to Bocaue Bulacan to visit The Heavenly shrine of St. Andrew Kim Taegon Parish and Sto.Cristo Church. St. Andrew is said to be the first Catholic Priest in Korea, the secondary Patron Saint of Lolomboy Parish and patron saint of Korea.  The church is located at Brgy. Lolomboy, Bocaue Bulacan, where he stayed to study.
This is what you'll see when you enter the shrine. 

It's architecture looks like you have been teleport to South Korea. It's like the Goblin wants to take you in this church and marry you in an instant! :)

A short introductory about the life of the Korean Patron saint. 

 An overlooking river of Santa Maria 

On the side of the castle look like church, you can see a small chapel where you can say a little prayer and witness the beauty of the murals on the wall. What really fascinates me, is the cross, you won't see our Lord Jesus Christ crucified but wooden cross form. 

On the other side, you can also see a bigger chapel with simpler design of the altar. 

You can also see an arc design path way leading to the main entrance and St. Andrew Kim Taegon's statue. Which you saw on the 3rd photo of this blog. 

It's exterior would remind you so much of a Royal Castle, with touches of Christianity of course. Because you would see our Lord Jesus Christ and St. Andrew everywhere :) and different relics on how the Korean saint become the very first Saint of Korea. 


Near St. Andrew's Parish is the Sto. Cristo church; the church is still in construction but you can see a lot of "Poons" once you enter the church. 

Your going to see the statue of Pope John Paul II on the main side of the church. 

 And a huge Jesus Christ in the middle of the church. 

On the left side of the church you can a little passion of the Christ exhibit. 

Here's the church altar. 

There's also a replica of the Magellan's cross. 

Sanctuary of Lourdes
the view from the side of the Church
                                                                                                         St. Andrew Kim Taegon

Thank you for taking time reading my last blog for Semana Santa :D

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