Monday, April 10, 2017

Cheap Eats in the Philippines

Hi guys! I have been struggling with my budget lately since my business has few clients last month. Since I am a very huge eater, eating "meryenda" was a thing for me and in our household. So in order to still save up and eat at the same time, here are my TOP 5 super cheap food finds that me and my family love.


This cheap "BURGER" that never sleeps has been in the business for 35 years. And it has been one of my favorite snacks/meryenda that me and my grandfather used to buy whenever we are travelling to our province. For only 37php you can have 2 JUMBO burger for one eating! :) Or better yet you can also share it to your friend (13..... php each! :) and you can see them like everywhere!

Okay, so talking about CHEAP for only 24php you'll have two burgers in a flash! :) Like Burger Machine, Angels Burger can be found anywhere. The funny thing about this burger, if you guys heard about it, it's usual kiddy slogan was "Sa unang kagat tinapay lang" (On your first bite, it's all just bread!!) Partially true, because Angel Burger's patty is super small and thin you can't even imagine it's there! But despite of the cute size patty, it's taste really good! :) "Masarap na mura pa!"

3. Master Shawarma! 

I remember tasting this first way back when I was in college, It was one of the best selling food stalls in my school. Not to mention it's affordable price but also it's yummy taste

4. Turon and Hershey Ice-Cream
 Define CHEAP :) For only 30 php you can already afford this super big TURON and ICE-CREAM (15php each) at SM FAIRVIEW (Well at all SM MALLS)

Siomai King offers variety of Siomai (28php for Hongkong and Shanghai Siomai; 30php Japanese) and Siopao for 40php BUYONETAKEONE to choose from, they also have gulaman for only 15php! 

Diba! Busog busog din! :) But if you really like CHEAP foods, there are a lot of street foods here in Manila and everywhere in the Philippines :) So until my next Cheap Eats :) Basta FOOOOOD :)

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